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    Need feedback on environment design

    well then they go from light tones to dark, it's like a half Victorian with medieval aspect. I think it's like that or I understood it. Correct me if I'm sick. I feel that if they are very well achieved environments, in addition to having a very good lighting. I repeat I am not an expert or anything. but if we are going to help a magician in our adventure in the videogame. I think a little more of magical aspects are missing. for example the environments from 2 to 4 I feel that they are perfect and go very well with the style that I think they want for the game. but to the others I feel that something magical is missing, something striking that awakens feels sensation of magic. So far that, and I would like to see the progress and how they go with the game. luck.
  2. NicolasCastrov

    Need feedback on environment design

    Maybe it does not have much to do with what you ask for feedback, but I would like to know what the video game is about. to more or less acclimate and see if I can help you in something, besides that of giving feeling to the places, I think, that is more for the music, if it is true that the music has to rely on a nice visual section because it is there where everything is born but for that reason to be able to help you or give my opinion on how to improve or change something in the environments, which are already quite magnificent and special, maybe I can help something.
  3. NicolasCastrov

    Need Feedback on Game

    I'm not really a fan of the "Survival Horror" genre, but what I find in this kind of horror games that are lost is playing with suspense and darkness. As you would ask, well as I said I am not a fan of this genre, but I can help you. for being to scare someone you have to play with the shadows of the objects, keep the suspense to the limit, makes the player believe with a music of suspense tones that something will happen to him, but alfinal, nothing happens, to then meet with the enemy / monster / beast or whatever it is in front of him, without being able to kill him but stun him. You do not always have to kill the player to be afraid, just stalking him would be the most productive thing today. It's my opion, I do not know if it's useful, but I think that would help a lot to re-emerge the survival horror of yesteryear, luck
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