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  1. deadless games

    volunteers for music and graphic design.

    graphics has been filled only looking for music now
  2. deadless games

    Here's my music, want to network

    i'm looking to work on a project and could use someone to help with music. I like what you make and i feel like it would go well with what i had in mind. can you email if are still available so we talk a bit. if you are busy with the project above don't worry he contacted you first so he takes priority.l thanks deadless
  3. i'm am looking for volunteers with little or no experience to help with music and graphic design. i was thinking of making a platformer game by myself to get into programming but struggled to make music and do Character design you PC doesn't need to be amazing,need to be willing to spend time doing your role, if you are interested please contact me with one of the means below. email discord xwolf572#6974
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