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  1. Before read everything i am honest: Payment after release you get your percentage lifetime for that project. Second: i dont need your inspirations, ideas, music or designs. My head is full with that. I need workers who i can trust. Please let us talk in discord. I got a lot of stuff planned, there is much work to do. But first my team and me try to start with a small mini game and we need maybe exactly you. Planned for more than pc, like ps4, xbox one and mobile - so its very important to us to hopefully welcome a programmer. The mini game will be part of the planned big game. There will be never before seen guns and gameplay, you will get deeper info if youre a safe part of the team. I need: Programmers Animators Zbrush pros Join here please: https://discord.gg/YtjE3sV You find me here: Joerg Federmann Composing#2898
  2. So me and my co try to do a game. It should be in unity couse my co do everything in this engine. We got the rpg package from evila for inventor, but it only runs on pc right now. I like to make a online store for guns in the game and a multiplayer open world that runs on pc, android, mobile, ps4, xbox one. Somebody told me that you "only" need to program it like so and that its possible in every engine... [recruitment wording deleted by moderator] And yes, this is no recruitment post. [recruitment wording deleted by moderator]] Also discord: Joerg Federmann Composing#2898
  3. Ty Typhoon

    Need feedback on environment design

    First pic Moonlight background Moonlight reflection from water under bridge More orange natural lights in the houses
  4. I like to build my A - Team now. I need loyal people who can trust and believe in a dream. If you got time and no need for direct pay please contact me now. We cant pay now, you will recieve a lifetime percentage if the released game will give earnings. If I get the best people together for a team, everything should be possible. What i need: - Programmer c++ - Unity / Unreal - we must check whats possible, please share your experience with me. - Sculpter, 3D Artist - Animator - Marketing / Promotion What i do: - Studio Owner - Director - Recruit exactly you - Sounddesign - Main theme composing - Vocals - Game design - Gun, swords, shields and weapon design - Character, plants and animal design Please dont ask about the Name of the Game, about Designs or Screenshots. The game will be defintitly affected about our and your skills if you join the team. Planned for the big Game: - 1st person shooter - online multiplayer - character manipulation - complete big open world with like lifetime actions and reactions - gunstore with many items to buy - many upgrades for players - specials like mini games So if you are interested in joining a team with a nearly complete game idea, contact me now and tell me what you can do. discord: joerg federmann composing#2898
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