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  1. Hello everyone. Thank you for checking out my post I have been creating video game music as a hobby for about 10 years now, but this year I have challenged myself to create "one song everyday". So far the challenge is going well (I am about a month behind, but catching up). Anyway, I have finally completed some albums and wanted to share with the community for your feedback: Please keep in mind that the tracks are supposed to be relatively short, looped and the number of instruments limited so I don't spend too much time on any one song. Albums Info: MXRS (ambient racing) Dewey Decibel (16-bit, FM, platformer/shooter) Registraria (RPG, puzzle, etc. vaporwave influence) PAPRIKO (derpy, cute RPG) Nuclear Football (industrial RTS) Thank you!
  2. Anthony George

    How to learn the simplest sound generating circuit?

    This is an interesting post (maybe a bit off topic, as this is a game audio forum, but!) I think the minimum amount of components one might need is an oscillating component and a power source. With this in mind, you can produce sound by connecting a piezo-speaker (buzzer) to a battery. If you want to control pitch, that is +1 component. If you want to add polyphony, add more buzzers.
  3. Anthony George

    Tips for someone starting up?

    Hello, thanks for posting your link here. It looks like you have a lot of works done already My first suggestion is to gather all of your tracks into an album on bandcamp so that they are easier to browse. Or, at least I suggest that you create unique images for each track so that the listener can easily find the type of track they are looking for.
  4. I remember listening to this track a while ago (maybe you also cross-posted on reddit??) I'm curious if you are making any more tracks recently
  5. Anthony George

    New here, have music, feedback much appreciated!

    I especially like the smooth mix between orchestral and dark synths in ChasedByABigBadWolf. Which library are you using? I also agree that the dynamics in these tracks are well adjusted. The tracks really deliver.
  6. Anthony George

    New composer, just posted demo reel

    I think your style is very unique and the motifs are not too cliche which keeps you listening. Some tracks sound a little bit muddy because of the reverb. Are you using a default setting? The variety in style is very nice, although I can see all of these tracks being used in a single game. Very cool.
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