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  1. That is true but doesn't we need to perform extra calculation to get that zup? My theory of just rotation screen roll way did not made sense it appeared. I'm still down for getting zup if there is a way to get it done without extra performance nor writing my own matrix library. I'm using qt.
  2. Now I get exactly what you saying. So directx may have their systems different thats why counter strike has z being for up/down that's the only reason, correct? Yea I just was looking for the reason why specific games used that way of coordination. I don't see the rotation of the camera doing any harm because it will be exactly the same as 'set identity' won't perform rotation but simply setting the right numbers on the right place. It's not that I favor directx ways but I somewhat find that way more universal and common. So after I rotate the ROLL axis, it should be same. Thanks!
  3. I still don't understand anything to be honest. It gave me a headache.
  4. I've got used to the fact that in games Z coordinate has mostly been UP/DOWN dimension ( counter strike being one ) however, when I create my own opengl application from scratch, I find this really confusing why it appears to be different. Why is Y for UP/DOWN? How and why would I make Z as UP/DOWN? If I should, what would be the most efficient way? ( editing default camera angle perhaps? ) Thank you!
  5. Good evening everyone! I was wondering if there is something equivalent of GL_NV_blend_equation_advanced for AMD? Basically I'm trying to find more compatible version of it. Thank you!
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