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  1. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    My mistake, The volunteer portion would only be for a few hours for a couple of days just to learn. Then depending on the project and the amount of funds available, it could instantly be residual, per product, a small flat fee, or if you like and we work together well, I am looking to branch out. Branching out will be extremely profitable.
  2. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    I could help
  3. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    Listen... Do you realize that 99% of your people here are trying to break out, that's your member base. You just publicly scolded a new member with an established successful system in a forum, which is basically all your site is. You should hire a Online Business Development person, contract? They can write out policies for your staff and give out idea on marketing, assist you with making big deals, but basically improve your image, and put this little forum on the map..... I always try to make my posts a little more conversational so people aren't intimidated about responding to them. You should try it, as well as try to private message someone about suggestions. I am assuming these are suggestions and not rules am I correct? Then your opinion? Are you the owner? When you own or run a forum, don't blast the customers, bad business. Just some advice.
  4. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    WELL you know where to contact me now, I could probably get a couple of the college kids to do it for 'intern'.
  5. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    I have a staff of 16 but they are Moderators and Storytellers. It really isn't all that much work, but I couldn't do it. AND the experience would look great on a resume I give reverences. I am the Executive Sales Person and Artist, coding I don't care for.
  6. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    I also have an internet radio station, shoutcast server which people all over the world connect to and dj through sl it just needs a new face. I am coded out. The 2 sites are hosted seperately due to security ...This is my bare metal I have ..
  7. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System The 2 main things I need to do with this is finish putting it into an API so it can go from SL to Sansar, then I need to create a wizard because the cpanel is still confusing to a non-coder. The system uses the lsl linden language which is like C. I of course need to redesign the site. At the same time I have this as my live Marketing Device. ... The new site is still under development ... Which is done in Joomla And just add a few features I model and script weapons which pay the bills and here\ and this has a screenshot of my 175k users
  8. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    You are right, just use to being so tight lipped because of this business.....
  9. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    no one?? I own a game ENGINE
  10. Miss Wright

    Do indie game designers play their own game?

    I am a perfectionist I see irregularities and start moving the build around
  11. Miss Wright

    Do indie game designers play their own game?

    I do PR and promote, it looks like playing, but it's work. I have to create alts to play.
  12. Miss Wright

    Need Coders Existing System

    I don't expect any one person to know all this, but perhaps 2 can work it. My existing customer base is over 175k unique users
  13. Php MySql C C++ Javascript API dev Web Design Joomla Existing System, I no longer have a full time coder. This is for the experience. First assignments will be volunteer, and easy as you adapt. Then per project, and residual income if you want to continue. Must be willing to sign an NDa, if oversees, must be willing to sign an NDA in your country from one of our acquaintances. Any experience in combat and role play
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