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  1. Mikael Henriksson

    Tracked Mind

    Hi! My name is Mikael Henriksson and I’m working on a project called ‘Tracked Mind’. Tracked Mind is a single player first person horror game with a 'Scandinavian folklore/Norse Mythology' theme set in North America. The Player can use weapons such as different melee weapons, a pistol and a shotgun. It is a psychological horror game and I’m avoiding cheap jump scares. The game is made with Unreal Engine 4. The game features a ‘Stress meter’ that increases when the player takes damage. The meter decreases when the Main character “acts out” by attacking an enemy with a melee weapon. There will be a consequences if the Stress meter gets filled such as: temporarily affecting player movement, screen effects that makes it difficult for the Player to see, or spawning more enemies. The consequence will be random. You don’t want the Stress meter to get full. This will make the Player think “Should I use a firearm which is safer, or use a melee weapon to decrease my Stress meter?”. Ammo will be rare and difficult to find. It is a one person project so it contains purchased assets from the Unreal Marketplace or shared assets with permission from other Game Developers. Some songs and sound effects are made and recorded by me. Inspiration for the game comes from games such as Silent Hill 2, Cry of Fear and Resident Evil 7. It is now possible to contribute to the game at: https://www.patreon.com/clovetastic Any support helps me a lot! The game has a planned release date for sometime during 2020.
  2. Mikael Henriksson

    Thirteenth Entry - September 10, 2019

    Thank you!
  3. Mikael Henriksson

    Thirteenth Entry - September 10, 2019

    Hi all! This is the thirteenth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. I'm happy to inform you that we now have a voice for the main character. I'll post more information about the voice actor himself in a later post. You can hear his voice in the video below. I decided to set the chance of hearing the character's voice when picking up items to 100% to test the voice lines. There are more voice lines that I'm adding to the game at the moment. Let me know what you think. To add to the aesthetics of the inventory system I created some new icons for the items in the game. I've attached a screenshot of that in this post. I also attached a screenshot of one of the hallways in the apartment complex. I've continued to build the apartment complex that I mentioned in the previous post, there are some problems with the lighting that I'm looking into. I'm going to focus on building the apartments for the next blog post. I've posted a new video showing parts of the level here: What's new? General changes - New inventory item icons. - Currently building map: The apartment complex. - Voice lines for the main character. Known Issues - Minor lighting glitches in the apartment complex Don't forget to follow the game on twitter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClovetasticI And if you want to contribute to the game you can do that at our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/clovetastic Thank you! /Mikael Henriksson - Clovetastic Interactive
  4. Mikael Henriksson

    Tracked Mind

    Album for Tracked Mind
  5. Mikael Henriksson

    Twelfth entry - 8 August 2019

    Hello! This is the twelfth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. I wasn't completely happy with the current inventory system, so the game now has a new system. You can see what it looks like in one of the screenshots that I'm uploading. The problem I had with the old one is now gone, and the new system can support more information about the objects. I decided that there won't be an ammo counter on the HUD, but it is possible to check how much ammo is in the current firearm, and of course you can see how much ammo you have in the inventory. I think that the "check ammo" feature will add a bit more immersion but it will also hopefully teach the player to be ready for the next enemy encounter. What do you think about that feature? Besides that I have been focusing on building and designing the apartment complex that I mentioned in the last post. I'm uploading some screenshots of that level. Why will the main character be at that apartment complex? To not spoil too much of the story I can only mention that the main character has to search for a specific item in one of the apartments. The problem is that a street gang took over when the land lord abandoned it, the economical crisis plaguing the town really hurt the manpower of the local police force. The Police had no chance to stop the street gangs from taking over many parts of the town. But are the gang members the only thing that can give the the main character problems in the apartment complex? I'm planning on recording a video that shows a bit more of the combat of the game. Stay tuned for it! It is now possible to contribute to the game at: https://www.patreon.com/clovetastic Any support helps me a lot! What's new since last post? Here are a few things: General changes - A comletely new inventory system. - Currently building map: The apartment complex. - Adjusted the fire rate for the Pistol, it's now quicker. - A new Patreon page. Bug Fixes - Ammo stacking works again thanks to the new inventory system. Don't forget to follow the game on twitter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClovetasticI Thank you! /Mikael Henriksson - Clovetastic Interactive
  6. Mikael Henriksson

    A new video

    I'm happy to let you know that it is now possible to contribute to the game at: https://www.patreon.com/clovetastic
  7. Mikael Henriksson

    Eleventh Entry - July 10, 2019

    Hello! This is the eleventh entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. I decided to not wait with a specific update that was needed to update the engine version that the game is based on, so I went back to a backed up version, but I didn't lose any progress (yay for backups!). I'm currently doing some level designing, I'm focusing on an apartment complex that the Player will have to go through. It's a bigger part of the game where a lot of story and lore gets revealed, so I will be busy with this part for a while. Along with that work I have been adding a new enemy that I mentioned during the last post, it's the creature "Draug", which might sound familiar if you have played The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The creature is actually part of Norse Mythology, and it's very different in this game compared to Skyrim's version of the creature. What's new since last post? Here are a few things: General changes - Added a new level - Added a new enemy: The Draug - Added a new model for some human enemies in the game, both the unarmed and armed ones. KNOWN ISSUES - Item stacking in the inventory. Thanks once again for reading! /Mikael Henriksson
  8. Mikael Henriksson

    Tenth Entry - June 2019

    Hello! This is the tenth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. Summer has arrived here in Sweden. And I'm officially on vacation which gives me more time to work on the game! I've updated the project to the latest version of the Unreal Engine which took some time. I stumbled upon another problem along the way, now I'm waiting for a plugin to be updated, which is why I don't have any new screenshots to show at the moment. Luckily it has given me time to learn about how to improve the first person animations, and I've been testing the enemy AI. Mostly to see what works and what doesn't. It is now possible to follow the project and company (Clovetastic Interactive) on Twitter as well at: https://twitter.com/ClovetasticI . I will be posting the Blog entries here as usual but I will post smaller updates or "behind the scenes" photos on the Twitter page. You can also meet the living mascot "Clove" on the Twitter page. I have not created a Patreon page yet, I have been trying to see if there are other options but Patreon seems to be the best option. What's new?: - Updated enemy AI. - New character model for a specific type of enemy (more information about the enemy in a later blog post) Bug Fixes: - General bugs and error that popped from updating to a new version of the game engine. /Mikael Henriksson
  9. Mikael Henriksson

    A new video

    Thank you Touny! There is no Patreon or similar page created yet. I'll look into it. Or did you mean if it's possible to contribute with assets for the game? Have a nice day
  10. Mikael Henriksson

    A new video

    A midweek update: I posted a new video on Youtube showing some of the new mechanics in the game. You can watch the new video here: Take care! /Mikael
  11. Mikael Henriksson

    Ninth Entry - 30 March, 2018

    Thank you!
  12. Mikael Henriksson

    Unreal Ninth Entry - 30 March, 2018

    Hello! This is the ninth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. Since last time I bumped into two huge bugs while implementing new things to do the game, and those bugs would have ruined a lot of progress, but luckily I backed up the game right in time so it was easy to roll back from a previous backup. At first I thought I had to roll back to an earlier version of the project due to confusion about when I backed up the project last. Thankfully I didn't have to do that. The lesson I learned and that I would like to share is: It's really important to back up your project and doing it at the same time each week or even day helps! I lost some progress with the level design but I was able to recreate some other things that I was working on. So right now I'm working on making some new environments that I can use for recording a video to show what the game looks like now and how the mechanics in the game works. I'm uploading a few screenshots this time, one that shows a new part of the inventory that gives the Player some information about the selected item. A longer description about picked up items will appear as a Journal entry. I've been trying to experiment with indoors lighting, with different results. Let me know what you think based on the screenshots that I've uploaded What's new?: - A new detail window for all the items in the inventory. - A new footstep system that is more accurate and independent from animations. - New post process effects, some for making the game look better and some made to be used when the stress meter is full. - New Journal entries for enemies and items. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that prevented the Player to pick up items. Take care! /Mikael Henriksson
  13. Mikael Henriksson

    Eight Entry - February 23, 2019

    Hi! This is the eight entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. I was planning on releasing a new video to show you all what the game looks like right now, but I discovered a bug when the Player interacts with some items. So the video will have to wait until I have fixed the bug , I decided to upload a few new screenshots instead. One of the screenshots shows an early version of an abandoned house that I’m currently working on. In the next blog post I’m planning on uploading another screenshot of the house to show you the progress. Items affected by physics are now making noises when moved or hit by something, they all make different sounds depending on what material they are made of What's new?: - Water reacts to the Player and creates ripples. - Items that are affected by physics will now make sounds when moved or hit by something. Known issues: - A bug stops the Player from interacting with some items. Take care! /Mikael Henriksson
  14. Mikael Henriksson

    Seventh Entry - January 24, 2018

    Hello everyone! This is the seventh entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. Christmas is over and I hope that you all had a nice holiday! I added a few new things to the game, a notification system and a journal system. The player will now receive different kinds of notifications on screen when they pick up items and another kind of notification when they unlock new journal entries. The journal can be interacted with during the game and will show information about: items, encountered enemies, notes, tutorials etc. My current plans are to do a few more changes to the inventory system and to start to do a lot of the level design! What's new?: - Added a notification system. - Added a Journal system. - New sound effects. - Added climbable ladders to the game. - Tweaked range of melee hits for the Player. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that muted footsteps sounds after hitting with a melee weapon. - Fixed two other footstep sound bugs. Until next time! /Mikael Henriksson
  15. Mikael Henriksson

    Sixth Entry - December 22, 2018

    Hello and Merry Christmas! This is the sixth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. Christmas is almost here which means that I've been focusing on getting real life things ready in time for the holiday. But I managed to get things for the game done earlier this month I did some work on the inventory in game, it is now not possible to drop important items. Items such as keys and weapons. The weapons that the Player picks up can now be equipped through the inventory screen. So far I've decided to not allow the Player to drop their weapons. That creates a problem or challenge though since the slots in the inventory are limited. This is all just for testing purposes but I have a few ides that I'm going to try before I make a final decision. There is a new melee weapon in the game: a one handed hammer. I've learned how adding new weapons can be done easier than it was for me before which always is a great thing. I'm planning to add more melee weapons with different stats in the future . A new melee enemy that is armed with a sledgehammer has been added to the game, the more the merrier Something else that I've been implementing is the ability to check how much ammo is left in the equipped firearm. There is no ammo counter on the HUD (heads up display). My plan for the final version of the game is that the Player will lose all remaining ammo that is still in the magazine when they reload a firearm. Some changes this month: - Updated the inventory system. - New item icons for the inventory added. - A new melee weapon: a hammer. - The Player can now pick up and read notes. - Added the ability to check how many bullets/shells are left in the equipped firearm without going into the inventory. - It is now possible to find and pick up weapons, equip/unequip the weapons from the inventory screen as intended for the final version in the game. - A new melee enemy wielding a sledgehammer with new animations added to the game. Bug fixes - Fixed another animation bug while reloading the shotgun. - Minor optimizations to get a better frame rate. Thank you everyone for reading and Merry Christmas! /Mikael Henriksson
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