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  1. wobbegong_

    Feedback questions on Unity game

    @Remelic Awesome, this is all very helpful! Thank you again
  2. wobbegong_

    Feedback questions on Unity game

    I am taking an absolute beginner's game development course and we have just finished game jams in small groups. Our current assignment is to get feedback from people working in any aspect of game development. I would very much appreciate any feedback! The game is up on (sound warning) It's essentially a very basic PvE. I also have some things I'm wondering about, but you don't necessarily have to answer these. 1. Do you have any tips on working with physics? My group wrestled a bit with Rigidbody physics not totally working the way we wanted to -- jumping ended up kind of floaty and inclines seem to mess up movement. Alternatively... how can I build terrains with depth that won't result in wonky physics? 2. How can I keep up the level of challenge in an interesting way as the player progresses through the waves? 3. What are some of your personal guidelines for creating title screens? Thank you very much in advance!
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