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  1. ShermanOaksGames

    First time writer here.

    I like the multiple points of view thing a lot. However, we want people to really get involved with the main character. We've discussed doing multiple points of view, but it's just too difficult for the programmer to do at this point. Also, we've decided to use a points system. That means that when you talk to people or interact with the environment, you get awarded points when you make the right choice. You can also get points taken away from you. In the end, that decides if a person or thing will like you/help you out/not be in the game anymore. You get a few points for a small choice, but a lot of points for crucial choices. Thanks for the response, guys! I really appreciate it.
  2. ShermanOaksGames

    First time writer here.

    Thanks for the advice! The basic idea of the game is that we have different endings. As it is a short game, we want people to play it over and over to get every ending. I wouldn't want people to stop playing because I reused some storylines. I'll have a long think about it, though, because it would be way easier to use to second structure mentioned above. What do you think? Would you play a game a few times if you knew you'd have some parts that are the same?
  3. ShermanOaksGames

    First time writer here.

    Hey everyone! First time writer here. It's also my first time posting on this forum. So basically, what's been going on is that I decided to make a game with my friend and we're getting way in over our heads. We're making a game about choices and we want them to have a great effect on the outcome of the story. Is there anyone here who has a lot of experience with this? I started writing out possible outcomes for scripts, but I feel like I'm going to have to write scripts the size of books if I keep splitting up the storylines. Thanks in advance! Matteo
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