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  1. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    An orchestral piece that I've been working on for a bit, hope you all like it!
  2. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    It's Friday, so here comes another track. Not even sure how long it's been with consecutive tracks.. I think my next venture is going to be making a small OST following the "desert theme,"
  3. phantaminum

    Redesigning the Sound of LIMBO

    That's a fair assessment! Looking back, my post does appear to be suggesting to re-create the sounds. I think my intention was to suggest paying attention as to why the sounds/score work as well as they do with the game, and apply it to his approach. Agreed though, one has to find their own path!
  4. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    For SirWing's competition on the "Epic Composition" Discord server. Had a lot of fun with this one; I was able to test out my new String Library!
  5. phantaminum

    Redesigning the Sound of LIMBO

    I just want off to say that this is a very noble project, and I found that you did a good job getting the sounds correct (wood sounds like wood, crunching grass, etc). However, it does feel like the sounds aren't coming from the game's universe, instead I feel like I can tell these are, well, sounds someone recorded and stuck over the game (not sure if I articulated that right). I'd suggest going to the source game itself, listen to the sounds and pay attention to the atmosphere. Get your nicest pair of speakers and headphones, and try and replicate the sounds as close as you possibly can. Hope this helps!
  6. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    The new one for Soundtrack Fridays which I almost didn't make... Anyone ever play the SNES title Super Mario RPG? This track reminds me of when you went to the cloud world, I think it may be the overall vibe of the piece.
  7. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    Well, I technically released this yesterday but forgot to post here..
  8. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    Stemming from an old piece I was working on, I stripped everything back and just left the piano. Thoughts?
  9. phantaminum

    Unworthy OST - 90 Minutes of Gloom

    I've said it before on other forums, but this is some great stuff! Listen to this OST people!
  10. Hello WilderBeezy, I'd also like to say that the title of your post was a bit misleading. When I think of Shadow of the Colossus, I immediately think of sparse, atmospheric music. This piece you've created doesn't really fit that mood so to speak, rather I can hear it as being in the setting of a shady town of sorts. Perhaps what happened was that you had the intention of SoC in mind, but it didn't end up that way, which happens a lot to me. Sometimes you just got to role with how the song develops. Nsmadsen pretty much summed up most of the things I thought. There's certainly a ton of potential in this track!
  11. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    This was a fun one, I recorded an acoustic guitar in. My intentions for this one was to blend the "real" instruments with the synth work.
  12. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    New track for Friday, definitely a more serious sounding composition. I enjoy how the harmonies came out, though I may need to fill out more of the mix on this.
  13. phantaminum

    Looking for Feedback and Tips (oh big surprise)

    Piggybacking off of nsmadsen's comment, I think the big thing for me that stuck out to me in "Character Theme / Location Theme for a possible love interest of the protagonist:" was the lack of dynamics/change within the composition. Honestly, it's a problem I have myself that I also need to start consciously avoiding. The track sounds great, the instruments all work really well together and really give a nice vibe. Just a little more dynamics! On the other hand, "Examination Climax / Boss-ish Theme" seems to have much more dynamic and compositional range, which is great for something as nerve racking as a "boss fight". Around 2:13, there seems to be some audio clipping which probably needs a slight tweak. Also, I feel like some areas like :28, while the melody is great, lacks a little "oomph" in the mix, or at least in the composition itself. "Desert Level Theme": I'm a sucker for Desert themed tracks. I actually don't so much mind the amount of time it takes to develop the track, but I do think the panning of what I assume would be the sound of a sandstorm is a little two aggressive, though that really could just be a personal artistic change if anything. But I agree with nsmadsen, in that some of the harmonic choices don't appear to gel well. The ideas, again, are here though! You have a good ear for instrumentation, and great arrangements as well! Can't wait to hear more from you!
  14. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    New track for Soundtrack Friday! An idea I've been sitting on for a while finally wrapped itself up, and it wrapped up rather quickly.. I guess that's just how these things go. I imagine this one taking place in some sort of castle, possibly creepy, possibly Castlevania. Who knows? Let me know what you guys think!
  15. phantaminum

    Aaron Venture | Composition, Production, Engineering

    Sometimes going with the flow works wonders, other times you're stuck on a piece for months.. Such a bizarre thing composing is. Very good stuff, I look forward to hearing more from you!
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