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  1. phantaminum

    Aaron Venture | Composition, Production, Engineering

    Sometimes going with the flow works wonders, other times you're stuck on a piece for months.. Such a bizarre thing composing is. Very good stuff, I look forward to hearing more from you!
  2. phantaminum

    Spartan Fist OST is out!

    Very interesting, so the drums were done virtual too? I'm impressed with how real they sound.
  3. phantaminum

    Aaron Venture | Composition, Production, Engineering

    Love the dynamics in these! "Lauri's Toybox" may be my favorite, especially the beginning; I enjoy the melody. The piano in "Palace Gardens" is really nice too, plus the ambiance of the bird sound effects and other nature related soundscapes is a really nice touch!
  4. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    Thank you so much for the feedback, nsmadsen! I'm starting to realize the intensity of attempting to make a track every week, the time restraints really got to me for "the abandoned", especially in the mix department. But no excuses. What always annoys me is how SoundCloud and other similar audio sharing websites change the audio, I have to get used to mixing for those areas as well as just in the DAW. I intend to revisit "the abandoned"; I would love to extend the piece itself another minute and a half at least! As for Ethereal, I actually didn't notice how the melodies swell at the same time, nice catch! I think when I compose, I always tend to focus too much on similar sounding motifs and such, which ends up creating a lot of overly repetitive sequences. For future pieces, I'm going to attempt to, not necessarily create totally different sections, but certainly add some alternate parts. Again, the feedback is really much appreciated!
  5. phantaminum

    phantaminum's tunes (new track every Friday!)

    Here is this Friday's track (horror theme this week): Let me know what you guys think!
  6. phantaminum

    Spartan Fist OST is out!

    Nice vibe! Are these instruments recorded (Drums, Guitar, etc)? It's a very interesting combo, chiptune and real instruments; I think it fits the vibe of the game wonderfully!
  7. phantaminum

    Video Game Music Software

    I'd say invest in one of the better quality DAWs because it will make your experience 10x more enjoyable than one of the "free" or cheaper programs. I started with programs like Audacity and it totally killed my drive to make music for a while. Once when I acquired Ableton Live though, I really started to make progress.
  8. Hello again everyone! Going to be posting a new track every Friday, so stay tuned for tomorrow.. In the meantime, here's last Friday's track:
  9. phantaminum

    A New Track I Just Finished

    Thank you, Alex!
  10. phantaminum

    A New Track I Just Finished

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit new to the forums, but I've been creating video game-inspired tracks for a pretty long time now and have been looking for some communities to share my work with. along with hearing what everyone else is doing! Here is my most recent track, I imagined traveling through a woodland/forest that isn't filled with too many dangerous monsters: https://soundcloud.com/phantaminum_official/forest-walk
  11. phantaminum

    Some great Youtube channels

    It's a popular channel, but 8-Bit Theory's submissions are usually pretty spot-on with analysis, and I like how he bridges the theory side with how a piece can capture the emotion or aesthetic of a level. . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZLO2VgbZHeDcongKzzfOw
  12. Woah this piece is great. I think my favorite part about this is how "full" it sounds, if my terminology makes any sense. The mix sounds great!
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