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  1. Corbbin Goldsmith

    Looking for a Musician To Make 2 Songs for My Game.

    If you want a high-quality, professional soundtrack, done by someone who has experience enough to know exactly what you want and how to implement it, it's going to cost money. These people need to eat, too! Tracks like the one you want can take up to 5-10 hours to create, and to review them with the client. To ask for someone to put that much time into a track and not be paid would be cruel. Sam's rates, I found to be very, very reasonable, especially considering the amount of time and care she put into making my track. Pay the money. It's well worth it. Every dollar.
  2. I had a blast interviewing, Daniel Wu, the creator. Here's the article I wrote: https://www.theinspectorpress.com/news/dreamscape-168-z-run Any critique would be great, or you can just enjoy reading it!
  3. Corbbin Goldsmith

    Have you ever had your game idea stolen?

    I'm building out a game idea, with nearly every interaction laid out and planned, I will be building it soon, but I need to know what generally tends to happen when you release it too soon. Has anyone ever had their game idea completely stolen? If so, what was your experience?
  4. Corbbin Goldsmith

    Marketing I'm writing about games!

    Hi, everyone, For the last month, I've been building out my news site for developers of all sorts, and I cover games, apps, web apps, SaaS, you name it! If you want to have an article written about your game, contact me so I can get started! Requirements: A "playable" game A good idea behind it Um, that's about it. Just send me a message through my site. Articles I've written: https://www.theinspectorpress.com/news/dreamscape-168-z-run https://www.theinspectorpress.com/news/unlok-wayward
  5. Corbbin Goldsmith

    Looking for a Musician To Make 2 Songs for My Game.

    Check out https://twitter.com/sjfostersound I just had Sam do some music for my tentative game. She did a great job, and was very professional.
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