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  1. I'd love to be a part of this! I'm more of a conceptual artist, specializing in creature design! I'd love to design some concept work for aliens!
  2. Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, I'm not the best at an anime aesthetic, so I wouldn't be much help lol
  3. lollydipstick

    2D and 3D artist needed for horror adventure.

    Do you need sprites for just human characters or creatures as well? Is the game 2-D or 3-D (as someone who has never played King's Quest)?
  4. lollydipstick

    2D Artist Needed

    What kind of art style are looking looking for for your characters?
  5. What type of art do you need? What art style are you looking for?
  6. lollydipstick

    [Rev-share] Programmer looking for artist.

    While I'm not the best at animating things, if you need a creature designer for enemies or whatever, I'd be interested!
  7. Depending on the art style you want, I might be able to help with sprites!
  8. lollydipstick

    Advanced Developer Seeking Hobby Team

    What type of art style are you looking for?
  9. What type of game are you planning on making? What roles do you need?
  10. lollydipstick

    2D cat platformer need artists

    I might be able to help with enemies and some tiles!
  11. lollydipstick

    Recruitment for a Video Game

    Hello! Would you be in need of any creature designers? I would love to help!
  12. lollydipstick

    Looking For 2D Artist/UI Designer

    What type of art style are you looking for in terms of sprites?
  13. Has the voice actor position been fulfilled? I'd be interested in auditioning if not!
  14. lollydipstick

    Justin Wolfe's Creature Design Work

    This is a collection of creature design samples I have completed.
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