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  1. Hi there! For those who don't know what a steam curator is... It's mainly a Word-of-Mouth recommendation system in which a curator elaborate a review on the steam store recommending a game in a short but engaged review. I started the page 28 days ago and it has been gaining almost 40 followers per day which let me tell you it's a really good stat. My page is focused on steam indie games, excluding those which are hyper famous and only reviewing those which are not that famous (steam range of number of total reviews from 3 to 1000 reviews). Currently I'm only interested in showing up indie games which are top, so I don't mind if your game has 3 reviews or if it's going to be launched and the marketing thing is not decent and consequently the total number of purchases is going to be low. All I'm looking for is quality, this is it. Even some guys have offered me a few bucks for reviewing their games but if the quality of those games is poor that wouldn't fit with the kind of curating page I'm trying to develop, roadness to quality and not specially known games. So this is it, folks. Here's the page: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/32516565/ The only thing left to talk about it's about the waiting list which is currently for 6 days+-. Hope you enjoy my page and of course feel free to throw me offers through the new steam tool, steam curator connect, a tool which allows you to send the game without sending keys so you avoid the gray market reselling thing. Contact form (REQUIRED) myindiewishlist@gmail.com Regards.
  2. Recently I created a Steam Curator page which has grown up so fast but I don't know where I can publish my page to get some attention. Regards
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