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  1. So I have two scripts that are loaded into two different modules. Module A and Module B. Each module defines a single shared script-class. Now when i start the application, create each module and build them everything is a success, but if i change the script-code with random letters to cause an error and then force a rebuild of the script (so i know it should fail as I myself inserted a compile-syntax error). I check the string buffer of the contents and its all there but when module->Build() it returns 0 aka a success. This only happens when i shared defined in all my classes for script-classes. Any ideas anyone? More Info: If the script class has a function called void Stop() { } if I remove one of the curly brance to force a recompile, then it works with shared class instantiantion. But if I force something like this void Stop() { adadadkf[kgfaflaff; } Where that "adadadkf[kgfaflaff;" is clearly a syntax error then the build() call wont yell at me for some reason. Note: If i relaunch the application for the first time the script is called and that garabage is defined then it will yell at me but once the script is compiled, it stopped picking up syntax-error inside functions. Do i need to rebuild as scripts that are shared or something? Any ideas?
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