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  1. Tyier Godette

    New Design Stuffs

    Heere yee heere yee, another project has arrived! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Pm4rYy Feel free to leave comments so we can DISCUSS :3
  2. Tyier Godette

    Fantastic Creature Designs

    Thanks. This is a personal project (along with some upcoming projects) to add more practical concept work to my portfolio. It's a common occurrence in game dev to reuse old assets in order to save money so I wanted to show that I have that knowledge.
  3. Tyier Godette

    Fantastic Creature Designs

    Thanks for the suggestion and warm welcome, Septopus!
  4. Tyier Godette

    Fantastic Creature Designs

    Hey guys, I hope it's ok if I start sharing my concept art here. Im planning to do so quite often so please feel free to let me know if it's ok. In any case, here are some fantastic creature designs based on a preexisting skeleton. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQJxgO
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