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  1. Edit: Thank you for all the interest, but I have joined a team.
  2. I am no longer looking to join a team. Thank you for all the messages and interest. Hey. I’m working on adding to my portfolio. Since I don’t want to work alone, I thought I could help a small group make a game. I want to help write a story and assist with the development any way I can. I’m only looking at hobby projects, but if revenue sharing is part of the plan, then that’s fine too. About me I graduated with a BA in non-fiction writing and spent another year doing a program dedicated to writing video game dialogue. After I graduated from university, I took a year off and wrote a science-fiction/sports novel. I do a lot of writing on my blog where I’ll post monthly articles analyzing mechanics and systems in many games. I am open to writing most genres and styles, except for horror. I can put together a story, develop its characters and help with design. I believe design and story are connected, so I’ll consider both when making a story. While I want to work with skilled people, I care most about dedication and work ethic. It’s important to join a team of like-minded people. If I start something, I plan on finishing it.
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