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  1. Louis Brady

    Reducing Skill Set

    I have found it to be better in one aspect then multiple. Coding is not my thing. I'd rather provide you assets, sound design, and world development. I can provide scripts and direction. I cannot provide coding. Therefore, this project is going on the shelf. In the back.
  2. Louis Brady

    Week Four: Level Design

    Happy Sunday! This week I did not have much time to work on m game. My schedule right now is terrible for an indie game developer. I just started a new full time position. I am also staying at a friends house until I get my own apartment, which won't be until the end of the summer.... For me, I would like to be able to dedicate 2-4 hours a night for my game, but in my current position, I'm working on my game maybe 3-5 hours a week. So the amount I accomplished this week was minimal. I didn't even finish the level I was working on. I am a little upset about my progress, but I have my priorities in line and I know that this game is not on the top. In this post, I am going to show you how I develop a level. First I make a map. The map is a long image with colored squares that represent different items and enemies in the game. After I create the map, I add the background layers to the map which become the hills and houses in for the in-game background. I then import the images into Game Maker. First I assign the map as the background and match the items and enemies. Then, I'll switch out the background with the actual background. From this point on, if I created any new enemies in the map phase, or a new item, this is the point where I will make the new enemy or item. This is where I am at right now, actually. I created some new features for this level, and I am still working on them. If you have any questions on my process, I'd be glad to explain. That's it for this week. Thanks for reading.
  3. Louis Brady

    Week Three: Soundtracking

    Hi again! Don't be mad. I forgot to post yesterday. This is weekly and weekly means every Sunday.... It's Monday. I literally forgot. Like.... ooops. Anyway! This week I worked on Soundtracking my game. I added sound effects too. Let me start off with some inner conflicts I ran into. The main conflict was, "I must create everything myself." Like the coin sound effect, and the door closing sound effect, but guys, there are websites that have CC0 SFX's. I'll just put their names in the credits and call it a day. Resourcing should not be a crime. Not crediting the source is a crime. But that's what I struggled with at the beginning of the week. I then made the music for the beginning levels, the save and load screen, and the opening scenes. I had to revisit one of the songs a few times because I just couldn't get the right feel to the song... But I'm 99.99% sure it's right. If you have any specific questions about my process or my ideology of FL Studio game soundtracking, you could always leave me a message. I do want to drop this link for you so you can get a sample of some good good of what's to come Something interesting also happened this week. I had two people play my game and give me feedback for the first time. To my surprise, it was better feedback than I was expecting and that really motivated me. They only played for about ten minutes, but the amount of feedback I got from watching them play my game was very helpful. I can't say too much about the experience, except that they really enjoyed the game. I saw how the mechanics worked for someone who had no knowledge of the game used the mechanics in their own way. That was helpful. Until next time!
  4. Louis Brady

    New Focus

    Hey again. First off, I had to change the blog title. I won't be working on the 3d platformer anymore because my computer crashed. Short story: I was working on the physics in Unity and I was having trouble, so I tried to stream my work on Twitch. Well, with OBS, Unity, Blender, and the internet running, the motherboard on my Asus overloaded... or something. My screen went black and when I googled it on another computer, I got a few ideas as to how to fix the problem. Basically, I need to take my computer to the geek squad and see what they can do for me. Additionally, however, I just moved to a new place. I'm transitioning between jobs, and I haven't had the time or money to get my computer fix. Which brings me to my "new" project.... A while ago I was working on a 2D platformer that was in the style of Castlevania and Spelunky, but with a more interactive story line. This project was a way for me to practice pixel art. I was inspired by Mort Mort who is a great pixel art guru that I follow on Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter.(@MortMort) He posed a challenge for beginning artists: choose 4 colors to be the color palette and design pixel art for a small scaled project - like 16x16 or 24x24. So, this is how my 2D platformer came to be. During the creation process, however, I lost enthusiasm, and I eventually thought that my game was boring, uninteresting, and contained poor art, but since my computer crashed, I revisited my old project on my older computer and I think I could make it work. Now, the project that I will be blogging about it called Zero. It follows the journey of Marcus who must collect "orbs", or zeros, from undead creatures for Professor Fyle's experiments. Marcus must collect a certain amount of zeros per level to advance. Here is a devlog that I started in 2017 when I started this game. Video 1 Video 2 And here are some visual updates: Currently, I am working on giving the first levels a soundtrack as well as creating sound effects. So this upcoming week's focus will be sound and when I need to shift focus from FL Studio, I will continue on working on art for the game. The next blog will be more detailed. Because this is a project I am picking up on from the past, I didn't want to go through everything that I did in terms of development process, but if anyone has any specific questions, I would be glad to provide more information. Until next week! Happy Mother's Day!
  5. Louis Brady

    Week One: Basic Geometry

    Thank you, jbadams! I'm excited to see where this takes me.
  6. Louis Brady

    Week One: Basic Geometry

    Week one is done To start off, I'd like to mention that I have no timeline for this project. This project's purpose is to get me more familiarized with game development and implementing Blender obj's into Unity. Then, eventually teaching myself basic coding for a 3d platformer. Continually, I will teach myself how to rig a character, add animation into Unity, add cut scenes, develop GUI's and a smooth user interface. The list is endless as well as standard. Also with this project, I will feel out the process of developing (and finishing) a game which will then allow me to decide if game development is for me. I've always had the idea in the back of my head, so now is the time to discover the truth! Before I get into my update, I would like to add that I have been using Blender and Unity for a few years, but I never completed a game. I did, however, finish a game using GameMaker This game will be different. Here is what I have accomplished this week: I was inspired by Ocarina of Time. I saw the buildings, the textures, and the low poly characters and thought "I could totally do something like this with Blender." Mario 64 was always a huge inspiration too, so I revisited some of the levels and noticed that most of the older 64 games used basic geometry and textures to create great games. I'm always hesitant, though, because all the other indie developers are doing unique systems, great art, things that I could not compete with. I thought, "Enough! If I'm ever going to do this, I'm going to have to do it for myself before I could please the masses." My mindset is locked in placed and I'm determined to make a 64-esque platformer. I started by created a prop set for myself. I skipped the concept art and the idea boards and jumped right into designing elements that I wanted in the game. I created cubes and put textures on them. I created ramps like I would imagine Mario 64 would do. I created stylized trees, bridges, fences, rocks, grass, and railings. Then, I put all those objects into Unity and played with the coloring of the textures. The lighting. I want to see if my vision would sustain the transfer. It did. I like how the objects look in Unity. After I finished transferring my objects, I was going to design a level with the pieces I created, but I couldn't. I needed to know how to scale my level. Which brings me to the end of my week. I just started constructing a main character. I want the player to be a small dragon. I'm in the process of figuring out the best design for him as well as how I think he should be colored. I'm texture painting him because unwrapping him seems too complicated at the moment. That's where I am at now! Next Sunday I will be back with another update 😜
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