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  1. I had actually run into an issue using any debugger. My JVM was closing my Engine whenever it found a hook in OpenGL. The issue was that the JVM is spitting out Access Restriction Errors, so I'm looking for other alternatives. As GLSL is a C style language, I'm trying to figure out if I can force it to print to the console whenever it does something, so I can find out where any errors are, or at least where the pipeline gets 'clogged' so to speak.
  2. I'll definitely try that, as I hadn't thought to check for something like that before. (EDIT): Neither one shed light onto my issue sadly. Still trying RenderDoc though, as it still seems promising.
  3. So, I developed an engine a while back following ThinMatrix's tutorials and it worked perfectly. However, upon trying to create my own simple lightweight game engine from scratch, I hit a snag. I created an engine that only wants to render my specified background color, and nothing else. I first tried to render just one cube, and when that failed I figured that i probably just had the incorrect coordinates set, so I went and generated a hundred random cubes... Nothing. Not even a framerate drop. So I figure that they aren't being passed through the shaders, however the shaders are functioning as I'm getting no errors (to my knowledge, I can't be sure). The engine itself is going to be open source and free anyways, so I don't mind posting the source here. Coded in Java, using OpenGL (from LWJGL), and in Eclipse (Neon) format. Warning: When first running the engine, it will spit out an error saying it couldn't find a config file, this will then generate a new folder in your %appdata% directory labeled 'Fusion Engine' with a Core.cfg file. This file can be opened in any old text editor, so if you aren't comfortable with that just change it in the source at: "src/utility/ConfigManager.java" before running. Just ask if you need more info, please I've been trying to fix this for a month now. Fusion Engine V2.zip
  4. StepperDox

    3D Mesh Simplification?

    Thank you, that was pretty close to what I needed to get me started!
  5. StepperDox

    3D Mesh Simplification?

    Yes, of course. I'd never take someone's work and not give credit for it. However I'd like something more intuitive than GitHub as I enjoy learning from scratch and not using other's code. However I'll definitely look more into that, thanks.
  6. I've been digging around online and can't seem to find any formulas for 3D mesh simplification. I'm not sure where to start but I generally want to know how I could make a function that takes in an array of vertices, indices, and a float/double for the decimation rate. And could I preserve the general shape of the object too? Thanks for the help! P.S. I was hoping to do something with Quadric Error / Quadric Edge Collapse if that's possible.
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