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  1. Merlinus

    TuplerScript [C# Released!]

    I came up with an awesome idea to make it MUCH faster. I am now making a special executable for serializing the raw tuple data into pure binary after you write a code file. So, when your application wants to run the script, instead of interpreting the string data at runtime, it is much faster because the string is already converted into raw data that the interpreter understands! I'll release an example serializer soon... One thing to note, is that I could add some sort of encryption system in this way, making it harder to reverse engineer tuplerscript
  2. TuplerScript is a free to use library that allows for the easy creation of your own scripting language! You can customize the language to take in your own functions, and interpret text files at runtime. This system could be used for adding a modding system to your game! The language is extremely simple, and only has 3 syntax rules: A "Tupler" is defined as a list of objects between square brackets, separated by commas. Comments are defined as statements between pound signs (#) Square brackets, commas, and pound signs after a back slash (\) will be ignored! (escape characters) Using this simple system, you can make pretty much anything! Example of printing "hello world": https://gyazo.com/9aa218326e9a26e1980314e494d8cbc3 Example of adding two numbers, storing them in a variable, and then printing the result: This is not a language. This is a language framework which you can customize to suit your needs. Its easy to create your own dictionary of commands, designed for modders to interact with your own project. If you are interested, you can view the full source for the C# version available on GitHub! https://github.com/MerlinCoder/TuplerScript-CS-version-
  3. I have been experimenting with various things. I accidentally created a scripting language. Its pretty basic, but might be used for modding. Here are some basic examples: https://i.gyazo.com/93f92b3078a193efff67cdde76fd0aff.png https://i.gyazo.com/13262480b4bc92c96c02f110e17bb185.png
  4. Merlinus

    Tired of doing art

    Actually its green and its eyes are red so that I can swap out those colors with a shader with skin and eye color that the player chooses..
  5. Merlinus

    Tired of doing art

    I'm terrible at art, I just want to code but noone wants to help me do the art I need animations, models, etc. This is the best I could do... I'm getting very, very tired. I tried to make it as simple as possible, and its still terrabad. What should I do...
  6. EDIT: I have updated this post, because after much experimentation with different art-styles I have settled on something much more simple. I am an advanced programmer with knowledge of C++, C#, Python, Go, and many more languages. My favorite language by far is C#, and I want to use my skills to make a game in Unity game engine. However, my main issue is that I am terrible with art. I would like to make the art as simple as possible, though I still require some assistance, especially with 3d animations. I want to make a first person view 3d dungeon crawler with voxel style art. The combat system I want to create will be similar to games such as Chivalry, and will be heavily based on good timing and the usage of special moves. Bellow are some example art pieces I made that could potentially be used in the game. As you can see, I do not require much, and there are many programs for easily and freely creating in this style in a few seconds. I don't even require an expert, I just need someone with a good sense of proportions and who is capable in designing in this style. No texturing is necessary, only solid colors will be used. I will also be using a special shader, so this game will look great and run very fast on any machine. If you have no experience at all, this is a good project to get started with, because of the little skill required. However, I would prefer someone with at least a bit of an artistic background to help, especially to help with the animation aspects of this game (which will require knowledge of advanced tools such as Blender).
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