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  1. Yeah, the paper is uploaded on https://github.com/sebastianstarke/AI4Animation
  2. I'm just working on my PhD, that's all However, I think there is a good chance that people might want to integrate this because it's directly developed inside Unity. We will continue researching on other relevant projects for character animation using AI techniques - so let's see...
  3. Yeah, these guys at UBC do some nice work - just look for DeepMimic, which will be presented at the same venue where we are presenting our quadruped research. However, the computational requirement for the network is about 2ms per frame on a gaming laptop. It runs on the CPU right now with the Eigen library - running it on the GPU gives a significant speedup of course. From what I have heard, NVIDIA made a demo using the PFNN on humans with ~100 characters in parallel - so I think it's already applicable for practical use
  4. No, this is the m/s (meters per second) as a user-control to specify how fast the character should move. The locomotion gait then automatically results from this
  5. Animating characters is a pain, right? Especially those four-legged monsters! This year, we will be presenting our recent research on quadruped animation and character control at the SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. The system can produce natural animations from real motion data using artificial neural networks. Our system is implemented in the Unity 3D engine and trained with TensorFlow. If you are curious about such things, have a look at this:
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