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  1. Michael De Kock

    Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    "Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games" As the toppic suggest....
  2. Michael De Kock

    Designing interesting Quests

    Absolutely, WoW is a great example of this, massive story lines all integrated out of a bigger picture throught the expansions till now, and 90% of quest has its own story behind a story to tell, always keeping that intruiging effect on players.
  3. Michael De Kock

    XP for Feared/Enraged/Calmed enemies?

    Game time and x ammount enimies could be the anomalies, the player and enimies will constantly be in any of these modes throughout the game, therefor the ammount of game time and number of enimies will determine the ammount of bonus xp awarded to the player.
  4. Michael De Kock

    Action combat without accurate, visceral animations?

    Agreed, quote:"interaction and tactics" Thos being combos to corospond to the fighting dynamics of a predefined style/s, thos also corolate to techniques, manuvers the visual representation will output based on animations, especialy quoted here: "fined-grained movement", I geuss that counts as extra bonus animations like dives, rolls, flips and spins. Movement being crutial to angles and possitions, cameras actions comes to mind, you want to see a clear adjust picture, so not to obscure hidden views when they do some back side roll or perform some grapling or tossing. Spaces, surely space between combatans should be well balanced, agree with above comments, you would have textures overlapping and weak execution in that or any combat scene/s. In simple terms. And you dont want to over do animation or have unballanced animations like out of sync, that will surely cause distractions most of all.
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