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  1. Aaron Venture

    Aaron Venture | Composition, Production, Engineering

    Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you like the pieces. I apply as little compression as possible in these orchestral pieces. Ah, Palace Gardens. That piece came out of an improv session from one afternoon, I added the melody doublings and voiced the chords on strings and woodwinds, the whole thing was done rather quickly. I couldn't pass the chance to put in the ambience
  2. Hi! I'm a professional composer, producer and mixing engineer from Croatia. I've worked on projects ranging from EDM to Orchestral, so genres aren't a barrier. I enjoy writing Hollywood-style orchestral music the most, with my main inspirations coming from the works of Alan Silvestri, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, etc. Here's my demo reel: https://soundcloud.com/aaronventure/sets/selections Any feedback is appreciated. If you have any questions you can write here or personally via aaronventuremusic@gmail.com Thanks, Aaron
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