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  1. Yeah, it's so obvious that without a degree your code is complete garbage and is bound to be full of bugs, just look at Jobs, Gates or Zuckerberg, their products are so trash right?
  2. Few of you mentioned that paper will help me to start in the industry, this is why I mentioned that I already have a really good job, if not this I would go straight to college but they already have plans for me, including resposible tasks and as I said, it's a big, well known company and this is what makes me question the importance of a degree, on top of that there are a few people in my job that hold high positions and did not attend college
  3. I kinda did but I was hoping to hear something that would change my mind
  4. The thing is that in this school getting masters degree will take me about 7 years and after 7 years I will have almost 8 years of experience and quite a trashy paper mostly earned by money, this is why I'm questioning this and I don't know if I want to lose half of my free time that I could spend with friends or teaching myself some actually relevant stuff which I would say I'm good at, also I think that if something bad would happen at my current job I would have at least a year of experience in a very known company in my country which I think should be enough to get me easily into some smaller companies
  5. I'm 20 yrs old and I already have a full time job as a technology programmer in AAA company, I'm completely self taught and I love what I'm doing, the problem is that I just don't like college, I already tried to go to university and because I've put too much pressure on myself during high school, when I started living by myself for the first time I started partying too much, now I spend at least 8 hrs a day (usualy more) at work and when I come back I study a lot, recently I started part time college and even tho I have classes only every 2nd weekend I feel like having just 4 free days a month is not enough and my youth is just disappearing, I'm ambitious but I've never felt like a degree is rly worth it and I don't want to wake up in few years feeling like I chased career too much and I didn't have any fun time, do you think I should force myself anyway and get a degree from some private, paid university that didn't teach me anything useful or something that I wouldn't teach myself on my own, or having years of experience and huge shipped titles in my cv will be enough if I'll ever want to change job for whatever reason(current company is very very good, growing rapidly and I see myself staying there for a lot of years)
  6. Do you know any papers that cover custom data structures like lists or binary trees implemented in hlsl without CUDA that work perfectly fine no matter how many threads try to use them at any given time?
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