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  1. Noel_Clarke

    Pay What You Want Model

    Very good idea, but it does not work out to apply to any business, as for me. Moreover, it is also necessary to run it in test mode first.
  2. Noel_Clarke

    Advertise and Marketing

    I would say that in this regard, not everything is so simple and straightforward. It is necessary to combine different approaches for the marketing campaign of any business. But first of all, you need to decide on the target audience, and then start from this. For example, a company of this kind needs to do this after the launch of the finished product and show quality in comparison with competitors. What are they doing. For other areas it may be otherwise
  3. Noel_Clarke

    DRTS Web App - Play With Other People

    Enough original development, given that such projects are now a large number. Interested in how you can monetize such a game? At least to support the work and pay for hosting costs
  4. Noel_Clarke

    Games and blockchain.

    I see the connection between the blockchain and the gaming industry only through using the first one to raise money for the development of a project in the form of buying a specific token.
  5. Noel_Clarke

    Would cryptocurrency work for GDN?

    I think that for such a case some projects that are based for work with social networks will do. In them, users receive tokens for their time online or for activities related to other people. You can use your token, or you can use existing ones, by the type of Litecoin
  6. Noel_Clarke

    Help with cryptocurrency?

    Well, yes, I agree. If there are no specific limits for trading crypto-currencies and they are not prohibited, then this case will be governed solely by the profit tax. This is what I used to connect with when I was withdrawing money
  7. Noel_Clarke

    NVIDIA, Intel Sponsor the Unreal E3 Awards 2018

    I wonder what else they are preparing to present at this exhibition
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