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  1. I have a loop through the decals like this: [loop] for (int i = 0; i < projectorCount; i++) { uint currentOffset = lightOffset + i + pointLightCount + spotLightCount; uint projectorIndex = lightIndicesBuffer[currentOffset]; float4 projectedTextureUV = mul(projectors[projectorIndex].projectionMatrix, float4(input.position_worldspace.xyz, 1)); projectedTextureUV /= projectedTextureUV.w; projectedTextureUV = (projectedTextureUV + 1.0) / 2.0; float2 spritesheetUV = projectedTextureUV.xy * projectors[projectorIndex].scale + projectors[projectorIndex].offset; float4 projectedTexture = projectorTexture.SampleGrad(projectorSampler, spritesheetUV, uvDDX, uvDDY); //..... } I need to get uvDDX and uvDDY somehow. I can't use ddx(projectedTextureUV.xy) inside the loop. So what is the common approach to get the decal's mip?
  2. Nikita Sidorenko

    Can't compile HLSL pixel shader with StructuredBuffer

    Oh, such a dumb mistake! Thanks for pointing this out!
  3. Hi, I'm porting my non-production tiled forward render from OpenGL to Direct3D11. I want to store the light tiles data in the structured buffer but pixel shader doesn't compile with the following error: Shader source: https://gist.github.com/Division/2e7b53775eceb88a3472981571009531 It's failing on the line 78 (may have other errors too, tile debug stuff is untested): StructuredBuffer<LightGrid> lightGridBuffer : register(t3); I tried to compile both ps_4_0 and ps_5_0 - no difference What can be wrong with it?
  4. Nikita Sidorenko

    Decals in tiled forward render (Forward+)

    MJP, looks like I got the decal pack from the link you provided)) Makes sense!
  5. Nikita Sidorenko

    Decals in tiled forward render (Forward+)

    Yeah, opacity for angle difference sounds good! I was thinking about discarding for the big angles but changing opacity is nicer! Thanks!
  6. Nikita Sidorenko

    Decals in tiled forward render (Forward+)

    I've got additional question. How to handle situations like this: For example bullet holes projected on the edge
  7. Nikita Sidorenko

    Decals in tiled forward render (Forward+)

    Thanks! Now slides from doom make sense for me You blog is pretty helpful - want to say thank you for it as well As I see OBB is just a bound for decal projection frustum (can be orthographic).
  8. I'm making render just for fun (c++, opengl)Want to add decals support. Here what I found A couple of slides from doom http://advances.realtimerendering.com/s2016/Siggraph2016_idTech6.pdf Decals but deferred http://martindevans.me/game-development/2015/02/27/Drawing-Stuff-… space-Decals/ No implementation details here https://turanszkij.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/forward-decal-rendering/ As I see there should be a list of decals for each tile same as for light sources. But what to do next? Let assume that all decals are packed into a spritesheet. Decal will substitute diffuse and normal. - What data should be stored for each decal on the GPU? - Articles above describe decals as OBB. Why OBB if decals seem to be flat? - How to actually render a decal during object render pass (since it's forward)? Is it projected somehow? Don't understand this part completely. Are there any papers for this topic?
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