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  1. xDanix


    Hi guys.. im trying to develop a 2d platformer, based on ancient 16bits technology.. jewels of gaming like super metroid, demon's crest, Contra, Solbrain, and more.. my knowledge of code and programing is almost nule but i've been watching some tutorials on youtube on basic coding for gamemaker studio 2 and so far i've managed to set my scenario and a player to run on it, also some parallax and not much else.. my skills are mostly graphic; 3dsmax, photoshop, aseprite, basic Zbrush...
  2. xDanix

    Looking for People to Join Dev Team

    i can do good sprites, if you need me i'llbe glad to join
  3. xDanix

    jumping animation

    Hi guys, so im developing a game using GMS2, following shaun spalding tutorials from youtube, my problem is that he explains only the basics on the mechanics, and since i have almost 0 knowledge in code, i cannot derail far from what he writes.. the main issue that i have now is developing the character animation; i want to make a jump, something like: impulse, ascending, descending, landing and also some smooth transition between ascencion and descent. now, in the way he wrote the code i get as follows: // animation if (!place_meeting(x,y+1,oWall)) { sprite_index = sPlayerA; image_speed = 0; if (sign(vsp) > 0) image_index = 1; else image_index = 0; } oWall is my collision object, sPlayerA is my jump sprite with two frames on it. that gives me a basic and solid jump, but i feel like its too static.... Any ideas on how to write something to get a nice smooth jump with more than just two frames? i'm aiming at four or five frames total. thanks in advance, here's a screenshot of the work in progress:
  4. xDanix


    Album for Unnamed
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