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  1. Martin_Burke

    DRTS Web App - Play With Other People

    Heh, I would study graphs on discrete mathematics in such an interesting way)
  2. Martin_Burke

    Would cryptocurrency work for GDN?

    It is interesting, by what principle this will work
  3. Martin_Burke

    Help with cryptocurrency?

    As I understand it, there is no special regulation for crypto currency
  4. Martin_Burke

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    The abundance of speculators on some exchanges and an amateur, in some respects, is very favorable. You can earn on their panic, especially when during the day there are significant fluctuations of a separate cryptocurrency. Although I already and not so much involved in this matter and just monitor some useful tokens at https://changevisor.com/.
  5. Martin_Burke

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    I agree, but the currencies mentioned above are much more stable, so only professionals earn on them.
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