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  1. Away From Guild is a idle mobile game where you are the Guild Master.We are looking for Beta Testers!You will get one of these 2 exclusive adventurers for being a beta tester. Android users who are interested, do email us at have the email title formatted to start with [Away From Guild Beta Test Request]Looking forward to hear from you guys!
  2. Zephyr Wong

    Writing subjects in present and past is hard

    I'm amazed you got to the step where you actually tried doing it. 😛
  3. Been playing games since I was a kid, mostly PC strategy game. That was back in ~1995-2000. Fast forward to year 2000, when I was in middle school, I thought about how cool it was to make games, and have the character run in any world you create. But unfortunately, I was in Singapore, and it seem like all the game are made in Japan/USA to me, it seems like an impossible dreams. Fast forward to year 2008, I was about to go to college/University, and ta-dah, DigiPen Singapore just opened, and I was the pioneer batch. And I was lucky after graduation to be able to work on games like XCOM 2 and The Evil Within :D. Now I'm out working it out on my own! Here's the game I am working on at my startup.
  4. Zephyr Wong

    Away From Guild

    Game Website - Twitter - Facebook - Away From Guild is a idle mobile game where you are the Guild Master.Create, expand and customize your own guild.Recruit adventurers and send them out on quests.Witness their epic journeys and collect loots.Gain fame and become the best guild in the world!
  5. Zephyr Wong

    Away From Guild

    Album for Away From Guild
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