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  1. Crawl

    The Best Love Song Ever Written?

    Quote:Original post by evolutional Quote:Original post by The Reindeer Effect Quote:Original post by phantom Closer - NIN [grin] I raise you "Stinkfist" by TOOL. I see your Stinkfist and raise you "The Ruiner" by NIN I'm going all-in with The Package by A Perfect Circle Quote:Eye on what I'm after I don't need another friend Nod and watch your lips move If you need me to pretend Because clever got me this far Then tricky got me in I'll take just what I came for Then I'm out the door again Lie to get what I came for Lie to get what I need now Lie to get what I'm craving Lie and smile to get what's mine Now, thats true love :D
  2. I'd suggest getting Rules of play which dissects gameplay, not only for computer games but also tabletop, card and even "playground" games (hide and seek, etc). THE best book i've read on gamedesign. Also discribes very interesting ways on how to evolve and balance existing games (by altering rules, etc) Also, if you quickly want to prototype a game/idea use something like Flash. Offers quick results and there are loads of tutorials available.
  3. Crawl

    List of things that annoy you

    Quote:Original post by Jarrod1937 19. i hate summer (yes, you may think i'm crazy but i actually love winter:) Oh. My. God. I thought i was the only one!
  4. Quote:Original post by OluseyiLook forward, glance back. " If the past is means nothing to the present, then what does the present mean to the future? "
  5. Crawl

    Quick Basic in Windows 98

    Quote:Original post by KaptainKomunist Qb 4.5 is warez/abandonware. You may be reprimanded... Delete this thread if you value your account! Come on!... it's qb4.5!! like anyone's gonna care... I hate it when people go nuts over even the smallest hint of *gasp* piracy...
  6. I've never used it but PHPNuke seems to be used alot and it has most of the features you're asking for. edit: site seems to be down atm
  7. Crawl

    My world crashed

    Quote:Original post by thesystem I am giving you a few list of practical advices that I am absolutely sure that are the best for maximizing your happiness in mid to long-term, even if I am having a hard time trying to follow them for myself: 1/ Whatever you do, do not call, write, talk or try to communicate her in any way. Also do not ask any relative or friend about her. 2/ Discover one thing that makes you feel somewhat better -or think less about her- and do it as much as you can. Do not be afraid of becoming obsessive. 3/ Do a serious effort to meet new people. 4/ Do NOT think that your case is different and unique as a justification to break 1/ Seconded! Though I personally broke rule 1 a few times, well we both did... when we were still in the naive 'lets-stay-friends' phase. Looking back I now know rule 1 is the key to it all; allow your wounds to heal. And I'd like to add something to rule 3: spend time with friends and talk about something other than her. So to sum it up: socialize! Quote:Your sadness will be disappearing at a constant rate, tell us in a time how its going. Yeah, it's cliche but time does heal wounds. I didn't believe it myself but it's true. And the best part is when you realize your doing better, that life can still be fun without her... just wait for it. When my girlfriend broke up with me last february I was really depressed for about 4 or 5 months, I neglected school, friends and myself. Time passed, things were kind of evening out and one night I found myself at a concert with a few friends when I suddenly realized that I was doing just fine without her. It was a very emotional moment for me and it was the best night I had in a long time. 'Time heals all wounds' doesn't mean anything when that shit is still happening to you, but always keep it in the back of your mind, it is true! Good luck!
  8. Crawl

    collision detection

    You'll have to do it yourself... things like AABB's or bounding spheres are pretty simple to set up. An article on simple collision detection schemes: A list of various articles explaining different collision techniques: which links to this:
  9. Queens of the Stoneage - Go With The Flow... have been listening to it all day... got a gig tomorrow and we decided last-minute to throw a qotsa cover in our set... edit: now playing QOTSA - Little Sister... cowbell anyone? :P
  10. Crawl

    Renderstate management

    Quote:Original post by d000hg The first problem is that at startup, the system should be set to mirror the default values of every single renderstate and texture stage state. How can I get this information? Thats obviously very API specific, in direct3d you could use IDirect3DDevice9::GetRenderState(). Or, you could set *all* renderstates to their default values (as specified in the directx reference). Quote:The other problem is to do with rendering an object. Each object should make no assumptions about any states already being set, so should specify the values for every state which is relevant, correct? But how would this be done - an array of state-value pairs for each object? You could simply create an extra layer between your rendering function and the API which only (un)sets the renderstate if it isn't already (un)set.
  11. Crawl

    Nerdiest thing you've done to a girl

    I once wrote a simple IE start-up page saying "i love you" for my (now ex-)girlfriend... ain't it sweet? :P When i meet girls i usually don't tell what my real hobbys are until after a few weeks... apparently, programming isn't that big of a turn on... which is odd.
  12. Crawl

    physics benchmark

    Quote:Original post by heeen has anyone tied all free available physics engines together to compare their performance in different situations? shouldn't be that hard.. Something like this?? (the screenshots don't show at the moment, the authors server seems to be down) He's got 4 physics libraries running simultaneously: ODE, Novodex, True Axis and Newton.
  13. Crawl

    [web] /Dev/Nulled Hosting

    Nice site, though change your font from Times New Roman to something... less.. ugly :)
  14. Crawl

    game loop (C++)

    btw, srand() only needs to be called once otherwise the rand() results will become predictable (sort of :P you won't notice it though in this particular situation). In any case calling it more than once is redundant.
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