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  1. (2D graphics/style question very linked to gameplay design so I put it here) Im switching my rts from medieval to modern style, but still have two very different ideas/design decision to choose from: On the left: traditional RTS seen from above, rotating turrets and vehicles. Problem to make graphics for buildings and more work with units as well On the right: abstracted icons for units and buildings. No rotation, units simply slide like in many turnbased war games. Terrain is also harder to do in the left version, so likely i will go for a desert setting with little to no vegetation. The right version would have more abstracted terrain types such as "forest" and "hills", more like a map than actual terrain. What is your input? Left version will probably be easier to make more action oriented, while right can be more tactical with different terrains and easier to add stuff like "fortify position" (just add icons for that since no need to animate). However, right version feels much more stiff and lifeless as nothing can rotate... (best would probably be to do all units in 3D and render 8 direction of it from an angled view, but no resources to do that)
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