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  1. Victor Rodriguez

    putting together another hobbyest team

    Hi there. I like the vibe of this project. I am a programmer with not a lot of experience, but if you guys do not mind I would like to build up experience in projects like this. Cheers!
  2. Victor Rodriguez

    C# Cameras between scenes

    Hi there! Is the first time that I'm posting here so I'm sorry if I'm doing it wrong ha. So here it comes, my doubt is, I'm doing a game with different levels, each of these levels in one different scene. Each scene contains to cameras that you can change pressing a button. Everything works fine. The only problem is that I would like it to look a bit more professional, and I would like that if you finish the level with camera2, the next level start the same way. I've been thinking about using dontdestroyonloadon both cameras, but obviously this cameras need to be attached to the player to make the movement work, what do you recommend? Sorry If I've explained it in a messy way, and feel free to dm me for anything. Thanks in advance!
  3. Victor Rodriguez

    I need a JRPG development team

    Hi there, my name is Victor, I'm actually studying programming and I would like to start a project as a hobby, I don't have much experience, I just know the basics, but if I can help with anything count me in.
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