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  1. Bread Collector

    Looking for People to Join Dev Team

    @Merlinus great, PM me your steam
  2. Bread Collector

    Looking for People to Join Dev Team

    @ptietz sure. Pm me your email address. At this point, if you are considering this opportunity, we need 1 more programmer and animator. All other roles have been filled.
  3. Bread Collector

    Looking for People to Join Dev Team

    Hey, I'm open to any ideas @ptietz and I would love to have you in. I'm not going for anything ambitious as of now so I wouldn't mind having you on, as long as we keep constant updates on what is getting done, and what needs to be done. @Squall22 hey man, as long as you're willing, we can make something happen. Both of you should join the discord link so I can get to know you all better and get things rolling.
  4. Hello guys. I am a programmer and artist looking to form a team to develop games. I am looking for programmers, animators and composers who are interested in working together to make games in order to gain experience and grow their skills. I plan for us to start off on small 1 month projects in order to to get used to the process of development and hopefully move on to bigger projects if we choose to do so. I spend a lot of time learning new things but I always forget the importance of doing. So I am looking for people who want to learn and get better through the experience of working with an actual team. If you are a: programmer animator composer and want to give it a try, please leave a comment below or reach me through my discord channel : .
  5. Bread Collector

    Looking for 2D artists

    Hey, check your messages
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