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  1. Gianny Abel

    Sharing my OST with you folks

    Hey guys, Gianny here! In this thread I want to share my projects with you. Here's my latest work, a forest-based overworld theme for a top-down-RPG a friend of mine is currently working on. My music is heavily influenced by the style of Dave Wise, composer of the DKC series, i've always found his music to be incredibly creative and expressive. I cover a lot of genres, from orchestral to electronic over to latin / jazz. My goal is always to not only use the music as a way of expressing the character / the situation / the enviroment, but building on top of that and expanding that premise. Outside of composing original soundtracks, i have a small YouTube channel where i upload remixes of (mostly) Nintendo soundtracks. I think that remixing teaches you a lot about the more subtile ways a track builds it's tension and gives you a sharper eye for details. My remixes have been featured by RMFH in his Link's Awakening then and now comparison, and ChuggaaConroy in his Let's Play Yoshi's Wooly World series. Additionally Suishomaru (big german let's player) commissioned me to remix some soundtracks for his Pokemon community event. Lastly I wanna give you guys a link to a playlist featuring OST for a project my girlfriend and I have been working on. You can find all sorts of themes there, character themes, location themes, etc. I've marked them all accordingly. Hope you enjoy! I will keep this thread updated with new projects
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