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  1. Well, I'd be curious to know if it's paid work or not? That's good info to include. I'm a 2D digital artist with experience in character design, but I'm afraid I'd only be interested if the work was for pay and if it was fair pay for the work. ^^; Also, what exactly are you in need of on the 2D aspects? I'm assuming it mostly includes the character profiles and designs like these. https://www.google.ca/search?q=character+concepts&rlz=1C1CHBD_enCA717CA717&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixm_Sw_b7bAhXYCTQIHZDHD8AQ_AUICigB&biw=2133&bih=1027#imgrc=_ If not, I'm not entirely sure what it is you're in need of is all. ^^;
  2. Hiya. I am a 2D artist lookin to get on board with a project. Just wondering first of all, will it be paid work or is it just shared revenue after the game is completed? I work on a commission bases and so wouldn't be to interested in working without pay, but if there is a budget for the project and it's for commission work then I'd be down to help ya out. Here's a link to my gallery. If ya like the work that I do feel free to contact me here and we can talk more about your project. Thanks! https://sirhcsellor.deviantart.com/
  3. -Sirhc-

    (hobby) artists

    Hiya. Just wondering if this is a paid job? I'm currently offering my services for 2D illustration and character design work, feel free to check out my gallery and let me know if I'd be a fit for ya. https://sirhcsellor.deviantart.com/ I have some skill with animation as well, but my strengths are definitely in single standing images such as game assets, character designs, illustration, etc. Anywho, let me know thanks.
  4. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this, new to the forums. ^^; Hiya game devs. Names Rolles, I'm a freelance digital cartoon illustrator looking to get myself into the world of game development. Been working mostly on a per commission bases with over a decade of experience under my belt now and I have lots of experience in character design. I think I'd be a great fit for a team in need of some design work for anything in the 2D realm of art. Platformers, RPG's, side scrolling beat em ups, Puzzle games, strategy games, etc. I have some animating skill as well, with simple frame by frame animation and tweening animation, but my strengths are definitely in single standing images such as game assets, illustration, environment and character design. Here's a link to my gallery https://sirhcsellor.deviantart.com/ Small projects or large projects, I'm down for either as long as it's work for fair pay, I can stay with a project for as long as you need me. If ya like the kind of work that i do and think I'd be a great fit for your team, feel free to contact me here on the forum or at my Deviantart, I check them both everyday so they're the best places to reach me. Thanks, can't wait to hear from ya.
  5. Thanx, for the suggestions. I'll give em a look for sure. I do freelance work for the moment, but full time positions on larger projects are more of what I'm looking to break into actually. More in the Indie realm of things however, on smaller teams, I think my skills would be best suited there and it would help give me the inside experience to hopefully someday start my own indie game projects. I could honestly just jump right to that option now....but development takes time and most of all, money... and currently if I'm not working for paid gigs, then I can't sustain my living. So I can't currently take time away from drawing for others to do my own projects...because my own projects unfortunately, wouldn't pay right away. Anyway, thanx again for the help. Tis greatly appreciated.
  6. Hiya GameDevs. Name's Rolles, I am a freelance digital cartoon artist looking to advertise my services for some future game development projects. Problem is, I'm new to this industry and I'm really not sure where to start. I'm currently working on a per commission bases and I have been for several years now. I find jobs through my online galleries I use such as Deviantart, and I do really good on there currently, but lately I've found what I really enjoy doing is concept work, especially for game design, and so I'd really like to get into doing more of that. Designing characters mostly, but my skills have broadened enough over the years where I feel I'm ready to take on most any 2D style gaming projects. So my question I need help with is, where would a good place be online, to begin offering up my services? Any help pointing me in the right directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx! ^_^
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