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  1. Hey guys, We are CYDProds, a studio that recently brought 9 talented people with will to start a long-term project in game dev based in "a game a month" policy. There is currently 2 artists, but we think that having one more to release the burden that they are having at the moment, and to agilize the art team. If any of you is interested send me a message to discord and I will give you more details! #8246 Squall22
  2. Hey! My name is Victor, I have been programming in Unity, with C# for about 6 months now. I have done a couple of games for my own, never released one, but I would like to start now, and I have been thinking about getting a small team together, or just another person that does the graphic part, to release a game every month or so. Obviously this is just a hobby or something that we would do on our free time but I would like to have serious people that wants to be involved in the project. If anyone is interested or wants to have more information just send me a private message or reply to this topic and I will contact you. Thanks for your time!
  3. Squall22

    Looking for People to Join Dev Team

    Hi there,I started recently with Unity, just trying to do some things on my own so I do not have much experience but I would like to join a team and get the experience through practice!
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