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  1. AndrewJL

    Looking for honest feedback on my music

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely cracking down on using more legato in the voices and I'm finally coming to grips with EQ more. I get what you're saying about the dynamics too. That's something I'm really going to try to master with my next pieces. Thanks again!
  2. AndrewJL

    Looking for honest feedback on my music

    Thanks that helps a lot! I'm still wrapping my head around a lot of these concepts so the direction is much appreciated. I've gotten a bit better at using reverb (I used to apply it to the master like you warned against haha) but I haven't made use of EQ much before. I'm going to try to implement your suggestions
  3. AndrewJL

    Looking for honest feedback on my music

    Thank you all for the great responses! This kind of feedback is exactly what I need Thanks for the feedback! The get what you're saying about the voices and the metal clanging sound. I'll work on making it all sound smoother/more realistic. Haha yeah! It's actually a project my brother and some other people have been working on for years. I just joined recently to provide music They've done an impressive amount of work on gameplay mechanics and graphics overhaul. Thanks for the detailed feedback, Nate! You gave me a lot to consider for revisions and future projects. I have played around with the LABS choir and I agree it sounds beautiful. On this track I used Soundiron Elements which I think has the potential to sound good, but I probably am using it like a bit of a noob lol Ok thanks for the pointers. I will look into trying to work these suggestions into future versions. Ok that makes a lot of sense! I think that will really help it sound more realistic Thank you, this is really good feedback! Are there any particular placement strategies you would recommend or does it really differ on the needs of each piece? Thank you very much I really appreciate the kind words
  4. Hi everyone, I've had a few paid projects, but I am still pretty new to composing for games, and I'm hoping to get some honest feedback on some of my work from the more seasoned composers here. I'm looking for feedback on any aspect of my music, specifically the audio engineering side, as I feel that is my weakest area. What does the overall quality sound like? Does it sound "realistic"? Is it properly mixed, mastered, compressed, etc? The two tracks I'm sharing here are from a LoTR mod for AoEII that I recently scored. The first is the theme music that plays when you are on the main menu, and is my biggest attempt so far to use an entire virtual orchestra. And the second is a piece that plays in game in the background for the evil civilizations like Mordor. It's meant to be both ambient and epic/creepy. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  5. AndrewJL

    Otherworld release (A soundtrack for a hypothetical RPG)

    Fantastic quality on these tracks! Like the others have already commented, I'd like to hear something more distinctive to go along with the excellent ambient music. Like music suitable for intense battle or a boss fight or even wandering/specific locale music that presents a distinctive, memorable theme. I think that would really help you show off your composing chops to game devs and demonstrate greater versatility.
  6. AndrewJL

    Tales of Vastor - Progress #9

    Thank you, @Awoken Glad you enjoyed my piece!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking for feedback on an epic, Gothic piece inspired by the soundtracks of high fantasy medieval games like Dark Souls. This is my first attempt at composing for more than solo piano. Let me know what you think!
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