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  1. MrBludygore

    Codeblocks and Assimp setup procedures

    OK i now its been quite sometimes but i found a way to build Assimp using a TDM-GCC Mingw instead of the normal plain MinGw. However i still found my self stuck at other places. So i decided to leave it for now and to return to it later on. Im just gonna try visual studio to do my stuff for now. So thanks anyways and i really appreciate ur efforts Alberth.
  2. MrBludygore

    Codeblocks and Assimp setup procedures

    Ok it been a while i've tried joining a codeblock forum but they had no intention to help me say its not a codeblock issues end of discussion. Basically that's their attitude towards me. SO i did some digging and found out myself . So heres what i did i used CMAKE to build the ASSIMP files and whens thats done i used codeblock ide to access and then build the solution file named Assimp which is a ' CBP ' file. check the 1st pic below at the bottom of this file. Then i opened the file Assimp.cbp with codeblocks then got an image looking like the 2nd image in the upper left corner of the codeblocks interface at the bottom of this file. I then right clicked Assimp with colorful square infront of it that kind of look like the microsoft logo then clicked the build option. it started out alright then eventual gave this error below: cannot convert 'CRITICAL_SECTION* {aka _CRITICAL_SECTION*}' to '_RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION*' . So please how can i fix it. U said earlier that i should get more specific well here it is my issue. If any codeblock assimp users that got it to work is there please let them me know or maybe u know now that u've seen the specifics. my assimp version is 4.10 by the way and i'm using codeblock version 17.12. hope u can help.
  3. MrBludygore

    Codeblocks and Assimp setup procedures

    Thanks for the response. Im gonna try and get it done again in code blocks using cmake. Then im gonna report my usual issues. thank as well for the codeblocks forum suggestion didnt know that existed since i never came across it in Google when searching. Im gonna join 1 though as well. its gonna take some time though maybe some hrs or more.
  4. COULD SOMEONE PLZ GIVE ME SOME PROPER INSTRUCTIONS STEP BY STEP how to successfully install ASSIMP to work with CODEBLOCKS i've been waiting for years searching. Its that what finally brought me here. Someone here must have a solid hard knowledge how to get it done step by step without issuses later on to worry about and deal with. Please reply with assistance
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