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  1. Luke McManus

    Redesigning the Sound of LIMBO

    Thank you for the feedback! I get what you're saying about the atmosphere of the game. What I'll probably do is practice some more and then have a go at their INSIDE trailer, and post that one up as well. Thanks again!
  2. Luke McManus

    Redesigning the Sound of LIMBO

    Hey! It's not a problem at all, I really appreciate the feedback. Now that I've spent some time away from it, I'm also beginning to realize the excess high-end in some of the sounds. Could you clarify what you mean by the balance between the sound design and music loop? Are you referring to equalization? Thanks! Luke EDIT: I follow you now on the balance between music and sound. Perhaps I didn't label it right, but I also want to showcase the music equally, so I'll add that in to the video's description and title since I made both the sound and the music. But I definitely appreciate the feedback and the time you took to make it!
  3. Hey all,So I have this unfathomable obsession with the games LIMBO and INSIDE, two games produced by Playdead Studios. But as a sound designer, I'm specifically into the audio of the game, its use of ambient tracks and specific sounds to create this level of emotion I've never felt in a platformer before.I took a stab at redesigning the sound and ambiance of one of LIMBO's trailers to see if I could replicate such emotionality with my own creativity. Check it out below. All feedback is appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMD1OljsIVA&feature=youtu.be Thanks!
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