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  1. davejones

    First person camera controller

    Hi, its been a while since this topic has been updated. I have spent some time trying to find applications with the type of interface I am looking for. There is an app called Dissassembly 3D. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kch.Disassembly3D&hl=en_GB. The interactions on this application are exactly what I am trying to implement.
  2. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    So is it a case of just using the animation states parameters such as the trigger parameter and controlling the parameter though a class?
  3. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    Psuedocode onEnable menu state = current state OnDisable menu state = current state I suppose its just a case of finding out how to do this because I believe the issue is that the animation state machine resets on disabling/ re enabling of the GameObject.
  4. davejones

    First person camera controller

    I have looked on the asset store and there are a few options, it's just I don't feel as if I have reassurance that any of them match my needs. As a result I am left wondering what is the best thing to do. I am going to look into applications that have the type of inputs I am looking for.
  5. I am developing a 3D interactive mobile Game in Unity3d and am trying to implement a first person camera controller. I have done much research into first person camera controllers, but I can't seem to find the ideal set up. I am trying to develop a first person camera controller that can be used on touch devices. The inputs from the user would have to come from the user swiping, pinching etc rather than using a UI joystick. I have seen first person camera controllers that make use of UI joysticks but this isn't what I am looking for. - First person camera controller - touch device friendly - responds to gestures from user such as swiping and pinching. I am unsure what to do right now???
  6. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    public int State { get; private set; } public void BtnDropDown() { State = 1 - State; m_aniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", State); } void Start() { State = 0; m_aniPlayer = this.GetComponent<Animator>(); } The animation state machine has an int for the state but so too does the class. I am looking at how to keep the animator on the current state rather than resetting to idle on being re enabled.
  7. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    I have tried numerous things but still can't seem to solve the issue. I have listed below in points what the issue is. - press UI button that plays drop down animation clip - press same UI button again and fold up animation clip is played - press UI button and drop down plays again - set GameObject active to false when the drop down clip has been played - Set GameObject to true whilst the list is dropped down - press button to try and fold up but doesn't work like before GameObject was set to false. I have added a link to a video with the image. https://gfycat.com/SkinnyNegativeChuckwalla
  8. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    Once the submenu has dropped down and the gameobject is from true to false and back to true the state machine doesn't work as it initially did.
  9. davejones

    Develop drop down lists

    I have stumbled across an issue with the CustomDropDown class. The issue is that after I press the button and the list dropsdown I set the DropDownlist invisible. When I than set the DropDownlist to be visible again and press the button the list doesn't fold up. I believe I have narrowed the problem down to being a case of the menustate variable resets itself when the GameObject has been set invisible/visible. I am trying to find a way to keep the dropdown delta y postion the same when I reset the list to visible. I have posted the code I have done so far below. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class CustomDropDown : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject SubMenu; [HideInInspector] public int State = 0; private bool boState1; private float aniTime; Animator AniPlayer; public void BtnDropDown() { if (AniPlayer.GetInteger("MenuState") == 0) { AniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", 1); boState1 = true; } else if (AniPlayer.GetInteger("MenuState") == 1) { AniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", 0); boState1 = false; } } void Start () { AniPlayer = this.GetComponent<Animator>(); } void Update () { if (boState1 == true) { AniPlayer.Play("step3_dropdownstatic", 1, 0f); AniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", 1); } else { AniPlayer.SetInteger("MenuState", 0); } } }
  10. public class Buttonid : MonoBehaviour { #region Singleton private static Buttonid _instance; public static Buttonid Instance { get { if (_instance == null) { GameObject go_Buttonid = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Buttonid"); go_Buttonid.AddComponent<Buttonid> (); } return _instance; } } #endregion public Button[] button ; void Awake () { _instance = this; } public void buttonslist () { } Progress so far.
  11. I am developing a progression system game in Unity3D and in a scene I have multiple GameObjects that have the UI button component. I am trying to find a way to store reference to all of these UI button components in one class and than access those buttons from other classes. I have thought about setting up a class with public Button variables and than adding this class as a component to GameObject however this does not feel optimum. Is there a way to create a reference to multiple UI buttons from once class and than access the referenced variables from other classes? Summary can be seen below - scene in unity 3D with multiple UI buttons - trying to find a way store UI buttons in one class - access UI buttons from other classes that have been instantiated in scene
  12. davejones

    Keep object in camera view

    *Update* I have done further research into how I can solve the problem I am having. I felt as if I went on a tangent when in fact am trying to develop a first person camera controller that can move forwards/backwards, look up/down and left/right. There are several tutorials on developing a first person camera controller, however I believe they are not fit for what I am trying to achieve. The first person camera controller I am trying to develop must be usable on touch screens (iOS and Android), and be based on inputs from the users fingers not joysticks.
  13. My only concern is I don't know if this new approach is flexible/ robust in that changes can be accommodated for easily. I am trying to develop code that is robust.
  14. I want to drive boolean logic off the individual clicks. I am looking at completely changing the way I approach the project. I am looking at adding methods to the OnClick event handler of each button component. The method will contain boolean logic used to determine which event handler methods should be called. I don't think I will create buttons as you have but rather make use of delegates and events to execute the desired functions. So in simple terms I have 2 scripts. One script script (a) contains delegates and events. The seconds script (script b) will contain an event handler method that subscribes to a function in scirpt a. In script "a" there will be a function in which a boolean is set to true and that function will be added to the OnClick handler of the button. When the button is pressed there will be a subscriber to the event in script "b". - script "a" (main logic controller) contains delegates and events - script "a" has function that sets boolean to true OnClick of button - Script "B" is subscribed to function in script "a" so is waiting for the button to be pressed.
  15. I have created an array of GameObjects. Each GameObject in the array has a UI Button component. Each GameObject item from the array has the same tag. I am trying to find the most effective way to organise and deal with OnClick events for an array of GameObjects with the same tag.
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