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  1. We are a team 5 working together for the past few months to create an exciting new gaming concept that blends genres. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up that mixes real-time action with strategy. Think Worms vs Fortnite vs Cannon Fodder! A full game description including artwork and video can be found on our Unity Connect Page or our Game Dev.Net page **We are now looking for a rigger / animator to join our project** We are serious about our project and looking for people with good character and a professional attitude to join our team. If that's you then please drop me a line. Thanks
  2. Playable Character #1 - Cliff
  3. Hey everyone! We're once again looking for more team members to join thisexciting revenue share indie project. Think of it as a top-down Fortnite where you can see where people are hiding, mixed with the fun and laughter of Worms! We now have a Galaxy Wars Unity Connect Page so please check it out - this is where we'll be showcasing artwork, screenshots, and clips. We're looking for: Someone with experience of using Unity Effects system to enhance the visual appeal (explosions, firing weapons, general sfx) 2D Artist for branding, menu's and UI any Unity coders (You can never have too many!). We have a strong team of consisting of Unity Developers, 3D Artists, and a Music Composer If that's you then drop me a message!
  4. UPDATE: We have since had another Unity developer come on board, and within the next couple of days another 3D modeler too (in addition to the person mentioned in the first update post ). We are still on the lookout for someone with great 2D artwork skills to look after UI / UX, branding, etc - If that's you let me know! Cheers!
  5. Hey Dave, that's really good. Thank you for replying. Do you have Discord? It's a real-time chat app. If you download it and look me up: OneMoreRound#7361 then we can chat more about it Thanks
  6. UPDATE: since posting yesterday we have had a new member of the team joining us from Blender Artists, Sandeep. His role is object and character modelling. We are still keeping an eye out for a 2d artist, and someone to take some strain off our lead developer (Unity). Thanks Rich
  7. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up on PC, Xbox & PS4. Up to 4 players local and 16 players online.We are a small indie team of 4 covering; game design, programming, art, and music.Our intention is to all take a profit share upon any commercial success. The project is coming along great. Some major milestones we have already achieved include: Cross platform input system (PC, Xbox, PS4) Networked for online play (up to 16 players) Split-screen view port for couch multiplayer Multiplayer support Player ownership over in-game objects and weapons We are now looking for others to join the project and take it to the next level. We are looking for help with: 2D screens (splash screens, player select, weapon inventory, map select, game modes, etc) 3D character modelling (loosely based on concept art) 3D environments (map design) Object modelling (weapons, game environment) Unity - (animations, general) If this is something you feel you would like to be part of then please drop me a line. For more details on Galaxy Wars including game concept, inspiration, concept art, and team members please take a look at our game spec here (Google Doc)Thanks.
  8. OneMoreRound

    Galaxy Wars

    Album for Galaxy Wars
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