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  1. haanuman

    Old School VS Ray Tracing accelerated by GPU

    RTX seems to over hyped or under developed, can't decide.
  2. haanuman

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    Research and reading is actually the most important.
  3. That gives me some solid motivation I hope you are doing well.
  4. haanuman

    Why Are There Fewer Sci-Fi RPGs Than Fantasy Ones?

    That's a great way to explain it off.
  5. haanuman

    Do you still play video games?

    It's always nice to see what other devs have cooked hehe!
  6. haanuman

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Very interesting, I just researched a bit about him, he amazed me a lot.
  7. haanuman

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Well it depends on how long the citizen want to be under trumpism
  8. Your question is making me wonder that you have more respect for arcade games!! I feel that I need a balance of good graphics, a decent story line and so on.A combo is always best!!
  9. I love it when people try to turn down my efforts because it makes me work harder or it makes me think that they are not capable of doing things that I do.
  10. haanuman

    Fastest Dialler | RELEASED

    Looks kinda fun, a simple game but I like it. I will download it for sure.
  11. haanuman

    Defining AAA

    Does that mean that things are going down the hill now?
  12. Once you get shadowbanned nothing can happen 99% of the time, all you have to do is create a new account lol! I knew a lot of mods when this happened to my account but they only told me to create a new account instead.
  13. haanuman

    Is this normal?

    Upvote to you Sir! This was very inspiring, not really into development but it can motivate anyone in their respective field
  14. I think we are trying but not hard enough, the necessities of our lives have a very intense drawback but we are stuck in a situation where we have to use them in order to live. A few days ago I read this "China’s plastic waste ban will leave 111 million tons of trash with nowhere to go" and today I see this "With China saying no to plastic waste, the world needs a new plan". We are advancing a lot in a lot of sectors but why isn't this considered at a much larger scale? If someone can explain this I would be have a much clear vision.
  15. haanuman

    Insomnia keeps me company

    I face the same issue, sometimes I workout early morning that by afternoon I would start getting tired because of work and all but it doesn't work. Instead sleeping at 9PM I wake till 3AM and then start dozing off by 4PM. I hate this.
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