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  1. liaemars

    Problem with my laptop

    Hi all, Long time since I last posted here but anyway. I'm going on a trip next month and wanted to take my laptop with me (for occasional programming), but it doesn't seem to start. Last time I used it was maybe 3-4 years ago, it's a laptop from like 2006 or something. I have no battery on the laptop since it died years ago also had to replace the charger cable (or whatever you call it) like 6 years ago when the old one died. It's old HP laptop. When the power cable is plugged in the input port has blue light lit, but whenever I press the power button the hotbar lights flash for less than a second and the power indicator flashes too. After that though the power cable light pulses (doesn't flash) for few seconds. The model is HP Pavilion dv6700 I was thinking could a dead CMOS battery cause this or some piece of hardware has died? Last time I used it, it worked fine (3-4 years ago). Anyone have any idea or something I could try to figure out what's wrong? I'm leaving in two weeks.
  2. liaemars

    Does anyone know?

    Does anyone know of any strategy games developed by people or companies from Wisconsin? I am compiling a list, they can be old or new games.
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