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  1. Luis Carlos Zardo

    XM-03 3D Model Workflow

    Thanks for sharing, great job
  2. Luis Carlos Zardo

    new screenshot

    Today´s screenshot
  3. Luis Carlos Zardo

    Boss level 01

    Just finished this model for level 01 boss, starting working in the combat sequence.
  4. Luis Carlos Zardo


    X-layer is a tactical Shoot´em up designed for mobile platforms Immerse in a compelling story as the human race wages a full scale war for its own survival Master 8 menacing and immersive stages with challenging missions to complete, more to come... Equip and upgrade your dual mode ship, adjust it for each level. Destroy dozens of different enemy ships and vehicles Attack space, air and ground forces Unlock advanced sectors in each game level, unlock harder difficulties. Buy different ships with their own strengths and weaknesses, buy different equipment, upgrade them.
  5. Luis Carlos Zardo

    new screenshot

  6. This whole discussion lost its meaning. It started as "why no one is doing anything about environmental degradation" People are discussing how we can feed everyone... Yes, we can feed everyone, as long as we have abundant fossil fuel and absolutely no regards for the environment. But it´s pointless, the point is, how can we feed everyone WITHOUT trashing our environment. The short answer is, we can´t, the long answer is, we can´t, because the current population are using almost the entire planet to produce it´s food. It´s not a matter of distribution, creating an even distribution would destroy this planet immediately, we are actually lucky that so many is in the hands of so few, because otherwise we would need a dozen planets, just imagine the entire Africa, India and China with the same feeding habits as we, in the west enjoy. But, again, if the discussion is about environmental degradation I´m in, if it´s about food distribution, I really don´t care
  7. Your perception of overpopulation is the same as the vast majority of mankind, overpopulation has absolutely nothing to do with space, yes, there´s a lot of space, and, according to the Duggars we can fit the entire human race in the state of texas alone. They are not wrong, we could put the entire human race in a much smaller space if we really wanted to. A population is overpopulated when its existence cannot be perpetuated etternaly keeping the same QUALITY of life and PRSERVING the environment that supports it´s existence. Our life quality, for those of us that are not part of the 1% is obviously declining and our environment is about to collapse, major ecossystems are already destroyed beyond any recovery. That´s overpopulation and we are grossly overpopulated for more than a century.
  8. Not enough people have decided to not have children, the population keeps growing, the pace is not accelerating, but it´s also not stopping, each year we added a population the size of Germany to the world, more or less 80 million people, and, this number is only getting bigger because it´s a percentage of the entire population. The only thing, apparently, capable of slowing our population growth is hunger, or, in its modern form, low wages, I agree with that, but, it´s a paradox, we pursue economical gains at the same time we pursue a large family, we can´t have both, and, specially, we can´t have both AND a healthy planet to live in. I don´t really know where you got those statistics, because there´s a lot of very poor countries with very large population growth, most of Africa, Asia and Central America for starters... The only way a declining population actually affects the economy is that it would force corporations to pay MORE, because workforce would be more valued.
  9. Our problem, our real problem, actually, the ONLY problem we have is population growth. It´s impossible to have any environmental measure to work wuile we are constantly in need of more and more space for crops, pastures, roads, housing, mining, etc... But it´s a taboo to even mention it, so, I bet even here among a more educated audience I´ll have someone writing things like "why don´t you kill yourself than?" I don´t kill myself because it would not work, we are severely overpopulated, no less than reducing our current population for a small fraction of current numbers would work. And since it´s a forbidden subject, god forgive me if I talk about population, so, scientists instead talk about nonsense such as climate change, recycling as if it made any difference and reducing carbon emission as if nature care about carbon emissions after we turned it´s forests into crops. In time, I have no children, not going to have any, doing my part even if it means nothing.
  10. Luis Carlos Zardo


    Album for X-Layer
  11. Luis Carlos Zardo

    Level 05

    A little more work in level design, or in this case, in the level background models. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RazorCorp.XLayer&hl=en
  12. Luis Carlos Zardo

    X-Layer Game development diary

    More boring interface work...wasted a few days trying to figure some things out, still not working though...
  13. Luis Carlos Zardo

    X-Layer Game development diary

    Well, the last week was kinda slow, lots of not game related stuff to do, but I did some progress with the interface The plan is to replace the entire current interface to something less cluttered and also prettier, move everything to a single scene instead of a different scene per menu.
  14. Luis Carlos Zardo

    [PROGRAMMER]Looking to make reasonable games

    Hello, Merlinus Well, it seems I´m in the same situation as you, but in the very opposite spectrum, I´m a game designer, artist, everything but a programmer, and, I just happen to have lost my programmer. But, unlike others that contacted you, I have an almost finished project, actually, I have a game already done, it´s just not the game I wanted it to be, so, development continues, perhaps forever. You can see my project here: You can even downloaded it for Android if you feel like, there´s also a gameplay video I´m willing to pay for your work if you prefer and have the needed skills, or we can negotiate another type of partnership Regards
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