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  1. First version of dialogues is done. Dialogue is similar to ones in Fallout series, or many other RPGs. After opening the dialogue panel, player chooses option, then NPC reacts. Dialogue works as tree, every nod has dialogue class instance containing paired NPC response and player choice, each nod has multiple children (if there is more options for player) representing player choices. Every response has action element, either opening next panel with options for player, or other events like trading, giving quest etc. Player choices will have impact on relationship with NPC, since every NPC will belong to some settlement, town or guild, et cetera, this relationship will affect reputation with given society - not implemented yet. As always, there is demo showing how dialogues work. dialog_beta.webm For better controls I added small feature, where mouse cursor changes depending on what interactable object is under cursor. For now its just for pickable (gauntlet), extractable - mining (axe) and chopping (pickaxe), attackable (sword) and for dialogues (dialogue icon). I might have already mention this in some of previous logs, but since one got removed, and I haven't found it in any entry, it's better to mention it again. Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  2. In previous log I could get some wood, now I can mine rocks. When holding a pickaxe, any rock can be mined into smaller stones. Different size of rock will give the player different sizes of stones - large, medium, small and diffenert amount. When mining is finished the rock will fall apart into several pieces which can the player pick up. Later I will add some minerals which will fall apart into mineral ores and stones. Like wood, stones can be sold, further processed into stone blocks used for trading and for crafting. Mineral ores can be sold, or melted into bars and then used for trading or crafting. Amount of carried stones and woods will depend on character attributes and skills. As usually, there is demo of rock mining. Again don't mind my silly mining animation mining.webm Removing stones from inventory is now limited. Removing whole stack of stones causes big stoney explosion because all stones are after removing at one position and after enabling their physics they are like magnets repeling each other with enormous force, not sure how to avoid it (maybe time delay of each stone removal?)... As you could notice my flora gone wild. I used Prefab painter asset from Unity asset store for few €, to apply my flora models, which are not pickable yet, but will be soon. Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  3. To gather some wood you will have to cut down a tree (hatchet or axe required, do'h), cut trunk into chunks and then pick it up. From every trunk you get branches and logs. Each kind of tree or growth stage of the tree has different time needed to bring it down (also skill and an axe/hatchet type will affect the cutting time), also an amount of wood differentiate with size (resp. growth stage) and tree type and aspects as market price will depend on wood type. There will be areas and forests with rare/very rare trees, which wood will be much more valuable but also such areas will be difficult to reach. Wood will be used for trading, further processing into planks (from logs) used for trading, or tools/weapons crafting. I am working on some king of "flora AI" where forests will keep themselves "alive", meaning that if number of trees will decrease, a forest automatically will seed new trees, which will slowly grow. Growth time will differ for tree types, growth speed will be adjusted later in balancing phase of development. Here is a small demo of tree cutting. Please don't judge my silly cutting animation (or do, but only with constructive criticism) gathering_wood.webm Physics will need a bit tweaking later, because sometimes trunk don't want to fall down, even when my colliders aren't flat on impact surfaces. The "row" looking thing when trunk is splitted is fixed now by adding some random rotation when instantianting models. Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  4. Darthy

    New assets. Log #5

    For further developing I need new 3D models. There are trees for creating a tree cutting mechanism. Each tree has 3 growing stages and each stage has its stub. trees_demo.webm For mining I need rocks. Small rocks for picking, and medium and large rocks for mining. rocks_demo.webm And for gathering I created some flora - grass, mushrooms and flowers. This is going to be sufficient for my current purposes. All my models are created in Blender. Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  5. Hi I like your lowpoly models, but I was wondering why do your wheels and other circural shapes (like canon) have so many polygons? Your models are pretty small on screen, and since you are using blender, you could use fewer polys, and when you use soft shading it wont be even noticable with texture. I think it could improve your performance when you instantiate a lot of models (especially tanks). Keep up the good work! Darthy
  6. Darthy

    First NPC interaction. Log #3

    Hey, I mentioned the premise in "about blog", also in first log, if that's what you mean.
  7. Darthy

    First NPC interaction. Log #3

    Upgraded interaction in game, with polymorfism is really easy to add new interactable type. Creating first NPC was easier than I expected. Actually it is just duplicated character with its own controller and interactable script, of course without AI for now. Interaction is very simple right now, after clicking on NPC, player character goes to NPC and inititate an interaction - for testing purpouse just pop up window. npc_first_interaction_.webm Visit Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  8. Darthy

    Player menu and inventory. Log #1

    I understand what did you mean. The search filed is on my TODO list, but it is not implemented yet. The panel enabling/disabling is just another solution to keep order in inventory.
  9. To work with inventory I certainly will need some items to pick up or equip. On my devlog website is this log about modeling an axe for my game. In that time I already had few item models in game as sword, pickaxe, hatchet and some armor. For icons of my items in inventory I use psd files, set as Sprite (2D and UI). The advantage of Unity is, that Unity works directly with psd files, so I dont have to export new files after eventual editing. After picking up the items will show in the inventory under proper panels. After selecting the item, action buttons appear under the details panel. For equiping weapons (or tools - every tool is also a weapon, beacuse you certainly can attack somebody with pickaxe or hatchet), there are two options. Either you can equip it by clicking on button "Equip" (duh), and the weapon is going to be equipped in the right hand by default, or you can hit the key R for the same result or the key L for the weapon to be equipped in the left hand. For two handed weapons or tools like pickaxe, it automatically equips it to both hands, no matter what key you hit. When equipping two one handed weapons, just hit L and then R key on second weapon or vice versa. For armor equipment there is obviously only button for equipping. The character consists of several separated meshes, the default set of meshes is controlled by one script, when equiping the armor only the corresponding mesh will swap for new armor mesh, after unequipping the armor, the default mesh will be set back. Default mesh is for instance clothing at the start of the game. This behaving will work also for NPCs, so they can wear different armors and change them in game. armor_equipment.webm Visit Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in the next log. Darthy.
  10. Darthy

    Player menu and inventory. Log #1

    Hey Thiago Monteiro, thanks for the comment, I have to admit, this is first (constructive) critique I have recieved so far! ad 1) To be honest, I have not thought about controllers at all, I focus on keyboard/mose input only. This game is click to move, so i cannot imagine using controller, maybe using controller joystick to navigate the character around environment, but as I said now I focus only on keyboard and mouse inputs. But of course there is the option to acces inventory via keyboard keys. The menu is just a feature I wanted to have in my game ad 2) I have, but I did not implement it yet, I'm tweaking the inventory and I'am adding new features as I develop. And one of the features is to let player choose what panels he wants to have currently active, so if he would have a lot of items, he can just disable other panels. Also the amount of objects will be limited by weight (not implemented yet too). ad 3) Favorites radial menu (F key) is on my list, but I am contemplating whether I should go for hot key menu (like in minecraft), or this favorite radial menu. I dont like drag and drop inventory, so I went for this list type inventory, which is also kinda easier to implement in my opinion. Thanks for reply, Darthy.
  11. Darthy

    Player menu and inventory. Log #1

    After setup of test scene and basic mechanics of animating character and adding few models I stared with player menu. Player menu is menu for access to inventory, stats of the character and to market/trading panel. It is ring type shape with sectors as buttons. This ring will always stay around characters head no matter what zoom ar angle of the camera. For the buttons I use own created shapes, the icons I downloaded from game-icons.net. Position of the UI element I dynamically change based on the position of the head pivot on screen using "WorldToScreenPoint". Here's an video of player menu. player_menu.webm There is also devlog about how this player menu was created. Inventory works similarly to the inventory in Skyrim, it will consist only the list of the items with the icons, names and the numbers of items. There is a panel on the right with item description and some action buttons. Also there are toggles on the top of the inventory for choosing what type of items to show in inventory. Item types in game are following; weapons, tools, armors, books, potions and gooods. The last one is favorite group for quick access to favorite items. There are added favorite marks to toggles to lock the item type panel so it won't hide after reopening the inventory. Also the invetnory has devlogs on website. Here's the first one about creating the UI. Visit Altos facebook page or devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
  12. Darthy

    Let's get started. Log #0

    It has been about two years since I started developing Altos. By reaching small goals slowly piece by piece my game progress moves forward. Ideas and concepts has changed since I started, but game concept is more clear now. So, what is Altos supposed to be? As devlog description says; Altos is supposed to be an RPG with market/trading elements, where you can either gather goods for trading, e.g. minerals, woods, weapons, so you will wander around Altos world and fight for the rarest goods, or you can create your own business and hire NPC's to do it for you. Some RPG mechanics are inspired by many games as Diablo, Fallout, Skyrim, Runescape, Fable and many others, but also there will be lots of new elements. For market and trading I use new ideas. For now I dont focus on main story, but there will be one for sure. I focus mainly on gameplay, therefore I decided for graphics and aesthetics I will use faceted low poly design with simple coloring to spare some time. Current game progress is in stage of developing main game mechanics like interactions with environment aka mining, talking with NPCs, picking items, et cetera. Current progress will be described in following logs. For main development I use Unity engine and for 3D models I use Blender. Whole project is dedicated to improve my skills in programming, 3D and generally to learn and evolve. I created devlog website where I put codes and how I create the game mechanics.There is also facebook page where is an actual game dev. progress. The devlog website is behind the actual progress since it is more time consuming. I would also appreciate some new followers (subscribers?) on Altos devlog facebook page, it will keep me motivated even more. My motto is to divide goals into small pieces and stay motivated. Facebook page. Devlog website. See you in next log. Darthy.
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