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  1. Personally I take anything I read on the Internet as a maybe, including tutorials. I have to try what I read and hope for the best since I don't know if the tutorial or article was written by someone who was qualified to write the material. Even if the person is qualified, I don't know that their content was edited for accuracy. It's the risk we all take when we learn from the Internet. Personally, I still feel better having a book in front of me. However, I still occassionaly find errors in books that both the author and technical editor missed. Content on the Internet can be much worse. However, I've found over the years that while there are many useless tutorials, there also some fantastic resources written by very intelligent people who know their stuff. I don't think I'd tell people not to write tutorials. There may very well be some useful information in a tutorial made by a beginner. I've seen a number of times where a beginner tutorial gives me enough information to get started that I can figure out the rest of a problem myself. So, if you want to write a tutorial, go ahead. Just take the time to try and make it useful. John
  2. borngamer

    Ethics of Beauty and Body Image in Video Games

    Quote:Original post by Pete Michaud But isn't it a problem when we call for the public to take games seriously as an art form, then fail to push them beyond the parodies that the public expect them to be? Aren't we kind of fulfilling their prophecies despite ourselves? Personally, I find when my entertainment becomes to much of an art form, it is no longer entertainment. This holds true for movies as well as video games. I play games for one reason. To have fun. Yes, I enjoy a game more if it has great looking graphics, but if the developer goes too far to make a game a "serious art form", then I may lose interest quickly. I'll take Mirrors Edge as an example. It was definately different than most anything else I've seen in my 30 years of playing video games. The artistic style was unique and cool and whatever else the critics want to call it. But after two hours of playing I had to stop in fear of going into a boredom induced coma. I'm not interested in the games I play becoming the next serious art form. I just want to have fun playing a game. John
  3. borngamer

    Ethics of Beauty and Body Image in Video Games

    To me video games are an escape and when I escape into a game, I don't want to see the real world. I'd rather play a game where the character has too much muscle or the women are drawn to unrealistic standards. I don't think I would enjoy playing a game where the characters are "normal" people doing things they couldn't possibly do. It's fantasy and I want the whole package. I'm going to use a male example rather than female as I don't want to come across as someone wanting pixelized pron. I can believe in the fantasy of a game with a character like Duke Nukem blowing everything up more than I could a middle aged overweight man who has decided to save the world from aliens. Even to less of an extreme, even if the character was a 20 something guy with an average build, I can't see him firing a rocket launcher at an alien spaceship. Why? Because I believe the entire fantasy world has to be consistent. The acts performed in our video games are much more than any normal human being can ever do. So, to be convincing, the character has to be either more than human (big muscles or a physique that is not normal), or the character has to have devices that make up the difference (e.g. a robot suit or something). I'm not saying a game can't be done with normal "realistic" characters, I'm just saying for me I want the full fantasy package. John
  4. I tried the whole Mac thing myself and couldn't get into it. The machine was nice enough (I loved the display), but I personally am a PC guy and I don't see that changing. I actually just sold my Mac earlier this week. In the year and a half I owned a Mac, I could not find a compelling reason to use it instead of my PC. I found the PC software to be better and it was definately easier (and cheaper) for me to use my PC for work and entertainment than it was on the Mac. As far as the whole Mac OS vs. Windows argument that always seems to rage on, it doesn't really matter. An OS is simply something you need to run your applications. If your applications run the way you need them to, the OS really doesn't matter. However, this all said, good luck with your Mac. I hope you enjoy it more than I did mine. P.S. I still have the full commercial (not educational) version of Mac Office 2008 if you or anyone reading this may be interested in. $150 CDN (or the US equivalent). John
  5. Personally I can't wait for the US currency to regain it's former strength. The Canadian dollar is almost back to par again and as someone who gets paid in US dollars, a solid US dollar is great on pay day. However, as someone who has watched the Canadian dollar every month for the past 4 years, I can say that the exchange rate can change drastically in a few short months. For example, a year and a half ago, I was getting -.10 on my US cheques. It sat there for months like that and then the US dollar recovered. It took a while, but eventually got back to .30 (giving me a nice 30% extra on my pay cheque). The 30 cents on the dollar was just this spring. Now it's back to 8 cents or so (Last week it was 5 cents). So, if you want to trade in currency, you really need to watch it as the day to day amounts bounce around like you wouldn't believe. John
  6. borngamer

    A bit of legal advise please

    Personally if it were me and I was told to move out over an argument, I wouldn't pay and see what happens. Worst case is she tries to take you to small claims court and it may affect your credit rating (if she has the resources to get it on your credit report that is). It wouldn't hurt your case to see the original lease and have a copy of it for your records. I would suspect that even if your signature is on the lease, she would be the one who is breaking the lease by kicking you out early. Chances are it won't go anywhere and if it does, you have the counter argument that she kicked you out for unjustified reasons. Please note that these are my personal opinions and are not based on anything other than what I would have done in the same situation. John
  7. borngamer

    First few games never succeed?

    I think the answer to your question depends entirely on the individual (or team) writing the game. Your first few games are learning experiences. But, so are all your projects (your first games being more so). However, if you are the type of person to clean up after early mistakes and invest whatever it takes into making the game perfect, then you have a chance if the game is good and you have strong business skills. I think one of the problems with many new indie developers is they think they can write a game and suddenly someone is going to throw cash at them. The truth is, your ability to sell your game is just as important as your ability to write it. John
  8. borngamer


    Quote:Original post by Black Knight Why is the 2012 movie coming out in 2009? They want to make sure they have enough time to make a profit from theater audiences, dvd/bluray sales, PPV sales and if they are lucky a regular TV airing before the world ends in 2012.
  9. borngamer

    How many of you actually have girlfriends/wifes?

    I have a wife I've been married to for almost 13 years and I have two daughters. Up until recently my wife could barely launch a spreadsheet let alone play games. She isn't a gamer and I usually play games when she is sleeping. I currently don't have a girlfriend though and I blame it completely on my gaming habit and not the fact that I'm married :) John
  10. borngamer

    Vision Game Engine pricing

    Quote:Original post by devmaster Many of indies such as me doesn't hurry registering a company. Because if registered they should start paying taxes immediately. You do realize you would only pay taxes if your company had an income don't you? Even at 50% taxes, 50% of 0 is still 0. I would agree that people may not register their business because they don't want the hassle of filing a $0 tax return. John
  11. borngamer

    All I think about during sex are video games

    Quote:Original post by AlphaCoder Quote:Original post by borngamer Based on your post, there are many signs showing that you may be playing for the wrong team. A couple quotes from your message indicate this. Quote:Original post by AlphaCoder I'm not picturing female characters from games either. Quote:Original post by AlphaCoder Thinking about Duke Nukem forever always makes me last a really long time. You do like girls don't you? :) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *calms down* Ok. You raise some valid points. I need to enter the tree of insight.. and confront my inner demons. On a side note, does it help that thinking of Tome Raider makes me finish quickly? You may want to clarify your answer. Was the NOOOOOO!!!!! a panic response or are you answering my question? :)
  12. borngamer

    All I think about during sex are video games

    Based on your post, there are many signs showing that you may be playing for the wrong team. A couple quotes from your message indicate this. Quote:Original post by AlphaCoder I'm not picturing female characters from games either. Quote:Original post by AlphaCoder Thinking about Duke Nukem forever always makes me last a really long time. You do like girls don't you? :)
  13. borngamer

    Help me think of an original protagonist

    How about you start off as a convict stuck in solitary. The game starts off with a Zombie figuring out how to open the door to come and eat you. As a prisoner finding weapons may be tough initially but as you work your way out of the prison you may be able to get some guns left behind by the guards. John
  14. borngamer

    Good launguage for browser games?

    Although it is relatively new, Microsoft Silverlight looks promising. I've been reading a book on it and it is quite nice. John
  15. Don't forget Adobe Director. Some of the games I've played using it run great and it has support for 3D.
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