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  1. WillderBeezy

    FFX Rescore and Sin based CGI mash up

    I love the criticism! I think you greatly fr your patience....Having played the game several times, no I still do not know each piece individually... I have a better luck with FFVII... I do remember a lot of Risset builds and a lot of volume swells, sweeping arpeggios and such, but when you play through the game, the music makes an almost subliminal appearance...During these scenes, the focus was much more on the sound effects and voices....I tried to capture the FEELING of a kaiju attacking....Not just any Kaiju, but your father transformed into one...The very idea of a cycle like FFX's invites the chaotic nature, but I must admit I don't follow the "Chorus, verse, chorus..." forms like I should...I try to move the song steadily towards a heavy conclusion, and I'll admit I do that with more songs than I should.... Have you checked my Soundcloud? Is there a song I have done that performs well to the axiomatic structure?
  2. WillderBeezy

    FFX Rescore and Sin based CGI mash up

    Wait, by "chaos" did you mean my ADHD?
  3. WillderBeezy

    FFX Rescore and Sin based CGI mash up

    I felt that all of the structures on songs that I have learned inevitably rely on beating the gamer senseless. For example, Wall Market in FFVII has built it's way into my brain because when I played it through originally, I had no idea of guides....Video Games require "modular" construction, as far as audio engineering goes. What if no module was quite "exactly" the same. I will admit, song structure has been a...balance point. (I don't feel any of my songs are weak, except maybe Opus No. 3...) I find that a traditional sonata can be summed up in a certain measure of bars...I don't need 5 minutes to introduce a theme to a melody. However, I understand this doesn't form a "skeleton." Video games, inherently, evolve. The whole idea is to get to a better position than prior, even old stuff. Why isn't the Town music different every time you go in? The people are prone to different emotions....Different events happen, people get happy or sad...To even reflect the nature of a story line is to reflect the details. That song was written for the moments it captured. Sin attacking anywhere was chaos...The attacks only increased in multiplier as they went, and I thought my song also reflected the chaotic nature of Sin....Maybe I'm just good for Chaotic Boss Battle themes?
  4. Ummmm.....Give her a perusal? I have an extensive soundcloud library with songs in a variety of styles, and I have an even older youtube channel I can't access anymore because of device issues. (I used to use a smart phone to write music, it was an exhausting process, but I feel some of my old songs and videos were still good.) This is a link to my current Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jv6QN1WXU6WMfHC1jSefg?view_as=subscriber This is my old one. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWb-6642FWkaIk7fPc6O5fA Here's my Soundcloud. The hardest Motif I have struggled with is mid eastern and asiatic music....Mainly to do with their tonal system and the timing. I mean, feel free to comment on any of them and give me feedback. Video editing, I feel, is one of my strong suits.
  5. Well, damn.....My family and I don't see eye to eye in our musical tastes, however this may be my biggest flaw....I write music I like....without concession to common or popular styles....I have received wonderful praise for my music from them, and even astonishment that I could write what songs I have. When I showed my family I programmed it all in, note by note, they were even more impressed, but overwhelmingly my support structure has directed me to video games. Each song I present to the family elicits imagery and feelings the songs evoke, then a "That would be great in a video game!" Understand, Nobuo Uematsu and Mitsuda are my heroes. I would be beyond honored to reach a smidgen of their greatness. I just want to write something moving. As an artist, I feel like art is my communicative medium...The songs, the drawings, the poetry...All just trying to communicate. After critique from professionals, I feel like I've been speaking sumatran the entire time....
  6. Do you know where I might find a more personal mentor or teacher? All the tutorial videos are well and fine, but I have found my own learning curve suffers less with more specialized instruction. Someone I might preview a piece to before I publish it, or broach an idea with.
  7. How would I refine my cuisine were not for such wonderful gourmets at my table....To even receive your advice makes me feel more worthy than my starry eyed dreams could believe....I've often felt music "outside" of my grasp...Like quicksilver I could never touch. You make me feel it is more adamantium, malleable at the right place in the temporal sphere... "Not everything needs EQ'd...."
  8. Thanks for all the advice, mate! You bring up another area I struggle with...I have no idea how to fully utilize my equipment. I have had a less than affluent life, and this is the first computer I've ever owned (I'm still paying it off.) I'm sure that I have absolutely no idea about the nuances and full capabilities of even Musescore. I acquired a decent mic and a computer interface to do some live recording, but again I'm not even 100% on how to fully use Audacity, either. Having done some research, I can indeed see the difference between Audacity and more conventional DAWs. Everywhere I read said Audacity was great for mastering....So obviously I'm not even doing THAT part right....The youtube videos on DIY mastering leave much to be desired...I export each instrument from a song on musescore with an empty staff on the bottom for dynamic reference (Musescore needs a relative staff or the dynamics on a single staff won't be played back,) then somewhere during the equalization, compression and limiting I mess up....My usual steps start with a "Normalization" (Audacity effect), equalization (Bass boost for lower register instruments and tones, bass and treble on the percussion, treble boost on high lead tones,) then I'll do a compressor(No idea what it does, but it helps even the waveform out,) then a reverb setting with an average room size of 76. However there is still so much more that I have no idea what does....I've even tried to experiment with Wah-wah and Phaser, but I always just make a mess.... Any way, thanks again, man. I'll be using Pro Tools soon!
  9. I have often thought of this, but so many people just use samples...I can't actually play any instruments very well. I also don't really understand all of Audacity's capabilities, either. I originally began writing music on Groovemixer and using Freesound for sampled pitches, but never looped phrases....I looked for the tones themselves, Piano--A#, Trumpet---C4, etc. When I found Ensemble Composer for android, I went crazy and started learning every thing about music I could to better understand and implement the knowledge. Inevitably I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to use samples. Occasionally, I can pick out a decent riff on the piano or guitar, but I always end up putting it into Musescore and building on it. How would I use Pro Tools WITH my Musescore music? I actually was investigating Pro Tools this morning in response to your earlier comment.
  10. Audacity is a DAW...I thought.
  11. This is a rescore of several Sin scenes from Final Fantasy X, put into an epic cinematic with accompanying, original soundtrack!
  12. Please, any and all feed back is welcome! I wrote this with the theme of calming a giant beast into complacency, instead of the old Hack-n-Slash-everything-in-my-way mentality. I present, Soothing the Giant!
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