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  1. Cello Gaming

    Unreal Dev Team Required

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate what you are saying and I understand which is why I plan to make a much smaller top-down zombie horde game. 😃 Thank you so much for the links I will definitely look at those =P
  2. Cello Gaming

    Unreal Dev Team Required

    Alright, I was also looking at making a small top-down horde game kind of like cod zombies or "Yet another zombie defence" on a smaller scale so maybe ill try that =P
  3. Cello Gaming

    Unreal Dev Team Required

    Hey, I didn't think to put that in sorry =P. Anyway I have made like one small project that I never finished because I didn't know how to make models or anything. I would put it all together working with the blueprints and widgets inside the engine. And what do you mean by basic assets? I do have a small budget but I don't know what kinds of things I'd have to buy.
  4. Cello Gaming

    Unreal Dev Team Required

    Hello I am looking for a team who are willing to work on a Realistic, Large, Story-based, Open-World, Survival, Horror game. I'm looking for a team that is willing to stay with me through the whole project. For this project I will be needing: 3D Modeler: Somebody who has a good understanding on how to create 3D models through Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, or any other Modeling programs of their choosing Animator: Someone able to rig and animate humans, non-humans, and machines. Artist: Someone able to make art for loading screens, GUIs, and Cover art. Environment Artist (2-3): Someone able to create a large open world for the players to explore Writer: Someone who has experience writing story-lines and can write dialogue for this project Sound Engineer: Somebody who can create sounds for character movements, environment, and animals Ideas for The Project: - Shipwrecked on an island after getting caught in a storm out on the ocean - Start on the boat with all your friends and a bunch of NPCs where the ship doesn't crash until you talk to the captain - Able to search wreckage to find food, water, and a basic tool. - Locked areas in the wreckage that you need special tools or codes to open. - Secret chests you can find on the island through maps that you can find in abandoned houses, shacks, and wreckage of pirate ships. - Fishing rods to go fishing for different kinds of fish. - Cooking system to cook food on a grill or campfire which requires propane tanks or wood to continue burning - Underwater and land caves with plenty of resources - Mutant bosses that you can fight above or under water - Underwater life (Sharks, Fish, Large underwater Squid boss) These are just ideas they may or may not be implemented in the final product. Any feedback on ideas for the game would be appreciated. We will be setting up a kickstarter for people to support this, if this project gets up going, so watch for that.
  5. I see this is very old but if you are still looking for someone to help. I have a good understanding of unreal engine and would love to help...
  6. I am developing my first game and I need help creating a proper character for ue4. If anyone is willing to help, please contact me on my discord: TooCoolCello#0633 any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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