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  1. Nathan_Ward

    Dev Looking for a Team

    I also I meant "...sadly I do [not] have experience coding with C#..." haha whoops! Though I'd be definitely more focused on programming I'd, I want to improve and practice my designing skills as well!
  2. Nathan_Ward

    Dev Looking for a Team

    MobilityWins, sadly I do have experience coding with C# in the Unity Game Engine Though it's definitely something I'm looking to get experience with in the near future -Nathan
  3. Nathan_Ward

    Dev Looking for a Team

    Hello fellow gamedev.net users! My name is Nathan and I'm a college student here in the U.S. looking to join a game development team! I am a relatively experienced programmer with most of my knowledge being in C++, however, I also have some experience coding in Go && Python. I have worked with different libraries including SDL2, OpenGL, SFML; I also have experience working with network programming, and low level system programming. I love learning and am always open to learning new technologies; have it be different languages, API's, engines (etc...). I am super passionate about video games and video game development and would love to help contribute to a project (since working by myself gets kinda lonesome/boring after a while, and I'm not exactly the best artist or game designer haha). If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to message me here or preferably dm on twitter @theNathanSWard ! Best, Nathan P.S. I’m very interested in MMO’s so that would be a plus for me :)
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