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  1. VoxycDev

    Dynamic monster object generation help

    I would have an array of computer objects named "computer1" to "computer32" and reuse them for whatever monsters are necessary by changing their properties. If hitpts are over 0, the object is alive. Ones that are not needed currently have visible set to false. The array is re-created for every different level (with needed length), but stays consistent during a particular level. I find that not re-creating or deleting objects during game play helps with debugging and helps avoid memory leaks in C++. In Java, maybe there would also be a small benefit of GC not being invoked unnecessarily (less jitter).
  2. VoxycDev

    C++ threading question.

    As far as I know, the general rules for threading are: you can change primitives (char, int, float) from any thread at any time because those operations take one processor cycle. For complex types (string, object, etc) you have to set up flags. I use heightmaps and need efficient voxel world refresh / rebuild threading for all OS's. Maybe you're interested in similar thing? Not sure. Sorry if I'm mistaken.
  3. VoxycDev

    Looking for group for learing

    I'm a graphics engineer with 3 years experience. My background is Android and OpenGL. I'm also very interested in learning Vulkan. I developed an engine (Voxyc) but so far it's OpenGL-only. I need Vulkan integration and have Android (linux-based OS) experience. I have Ubuntu installed. What is the fastest/easiest way to get a C++ Vulkan simple triangle project set up on Linux? Willing to try this.
  4. VoxycDev

    House On The Borderland Details

    Yeah, the old thread seems to have stopped working. I can still see it in the e-mail, though.
  5. VoxycDev

    House On The Borderland Details

    The Engine The engine for this project, tentatively, will be Voxyc. Links to the Android editor app, Github source and existing games are on the Voxyc project page. The editor and the games it produces also run on Windows and iOS (the Visual Studio and Xcode projects are in the /platform folder of the repo). I'm open to other alternatives, but ability to edit on mobile is essential for me. Another way would be writing a mobile editor and a voxel plugin for Godot, or merging Voxyc and Godot. All buildings will be made out of voxel blocks. This allows for easy level creation. I've already blocked out the basic outline of the landscape, the house ruins and the little hamlet (the roofs should be triangular prisms, I know; they will be). You can find scene with them in the attached project (Voxyc can open this file). As @JoeJpointed out, this will also allow for the swine creatures to break into the house by taking away blocks, which sounds awesome. The characters will be animated models. I used MakeHuman to create some of them already. The first four .dae files are included in the attached project. They are not animated yet. The engine does not yet have skeletal animation, so we may resort to .obj frame animation, like in Fateless. But I'm working on skeletal animation. List of characters: Camper (player for chapter 1), Old Man (player), Tonnison, Sister, Dog, The Swine Man, My Love Full text of the novel How To Edit And Run The Game Build On Android: Install Voxyc. Download the attached project file. Unzip the folder HouseOnTheBorderland into /Android/data/com.voxyc.voxyc/files To run the game, in Voxyc, click on File->Clear and run script->Picker and select loadch1.lua in the HouseOnTheBorderland folder. To open the main scene in the editor to edit, in Voxyc, click on File->Load Scene->Picker and select in the HouseOnTheBorderland folder. On Windows: Clone Voxyc source from the Voxyc github repo. In Visual Studio, open /platform/windows/Voxyc/Voxyc.sln. You can run the game with the following command line parameters: -m luaprogram -a <path to extracted HouseOnTheBorderland dir> -m means module and luaprogram is the module that runs lua scripts. -a sets the main project dir. The Windows port will then automatically launch load.lua there on startup (rename loadch1.lua to load.lua). You can edit the scene by pressing Tab->Load Scene Breakdown of Voxyc C++ features Here is a brief overview of important files for the C++ codebase app/main.cpp - Entry point for desktop app/VoxycApp.cpp - The engine core app file that runs different modules (game, editor, etc) and has the highest-level load/tick/draw functions app/LuaProgram.cpp - The module that runs a Lua program; the game is essentially a set of Lua scripts (load.lua, tick.lua, etc) editor/Editor.cpp - The editor; essentially one big loop with everything; needs splitting up/refactoring engine/Engine2.cpp - The engine core; main interface into the engine; any client that uses the engine calls this class engine/ShapeRenderer.cpp - Renders geometric shapes, terrain engine/ModelRenderer.cpp - Renders models engine/SpriteRenderer.cpp - Fast sprite/particle system renderer; only works on Android at the moment engine/Voxels.cpp - The voxel memory storage and converting voxels to mesh are here engine/TextureAtlas.cpp - Essential for the fast sprite renderer and the batcher; only works on Android engine/Batcher.cpp - Batcher; combines voxel meshes into one big mesh to reduce draw calls; only works on Android engine/Billboarder.cpp - Billboarder; pre-draws models as sprites for far-away rendering; does not work yet (but would be nice!) engine/ShadowMap.cpp - Shadow map for real-time shadows; used to work on Windows and Mac OS, but currently probably broken. Essential for horror, though. Feel free to ask any questions. I figured that you guys would appreciate me finally getting specific and technical instead of whining about Unity. I really hope so and I'm trying to avoid downvotes. In case, if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know as I'm new here.
  6. VoxycDev

    House On The Borderland

    Horror genre is one of the most profitable genres of games. The horror novel "The House on the Borderland" is public domain and is a perfect for a first person shooter game adaptation. In the novel, an old man moves into a cursed old mansion, explores the area around it, and finds that it is infested by half-pig-half-men who violently attack him and his dog. He fights back with a double-barrel shotgun. Throughout the following days, he secures and guards the house against an invasion of the pigmen. When he finally gets rid of them, he decides to descend into the underground river nearby and explore where the creatures came from. He eventually comes back up and experiences supernatural events that lead to insight into the universe. Full text is here. I started work on this game, but this is a big project for one person and I'm looking for people to collaborate with. I'm using C++ and Lua and all custom-made open-source tools (Voxyc). I've already made one first person shooter game (Fateless) and therefore have the necessary experience to develop this. The first chapter can be free and we can charge for subsequent chapters in a freemium model. We can discuss revenue share. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating. Details on the project and an existing current game build are here The tiny hamlet of Kraighten The ruins of the house, as found by Tonnison and Berreggno
  7. I'm no longer able to see new comments on here, or reply to them.
  8. Now I have -7. It seems every time I post anything, my reputation is going down. I am afraid of posting now. Can I have a clear list of what I am supposed to post or not post on here?
  9. Now I have -7. It seems every time I post anything, my reputation is going down. I am afraid of posting now. Can I have a clear list of what I am supposed to post or not post on here?
  10. Now I have -7. It seems every time I post anything, my reputation is going down. I am afraid of posting now. Can I have a clear list of what I am supposed to post or not post on here?
  11. Now I have -7. It seems every time I post anything, my reputation is going down. I am afraid of posting now. Can I have a clear list of what I am supposed to post or not post on here?
  12. Now I have -7. It seems every time I post anything, my reputation is going down. I am afraid of posting now. Can I have a clear list of what I am supposed to post or not post on here?
  13. I was criticizing Unity because I'm frustrated with how everyone seems to be using it, and nobody cares about on-mobile editing that I cannot live without, so I thought this is why I cannot find anyone to work with. I was trying to get people to my (the C++/Lua) side. I'm mainly looking for C++ developers to share code with (develop mutually beneficial features). At present, I need skeletal animation and lighting.
  14. Thank you. Sorry about the script kid thing. I didn't know it was offensive. I just thought it was only slightly belittling.
  15. I figured there must be a way for us to share code so we all benefit each others' projects. For example, I need skeletal animation. I also need lighting. But I have pretty good voxels, and very fast sprites, and a JNI bridge, etc. Isn't there some way we can trade C++ code, make it all MIT, so we all win at the same time?
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