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  1. I've updated the swap change description with that flag soldier and it still gives me the same results.
  2. Hi Chuck thanks for your help. With respect to: "I can see few way to get rid of the stretching other than going in exclusive mode. I'd first need to know how you expect it to look. Is a 1024x768 image centered in the middle of your 1920x1080 screen the end result you're looking for?" What I'm looking to do is put the form into full screen (maximized) so the full display is covered by the form window but the screen aspect ratio shows 4:3 so that I can place the image anywhere and have it show up not looking stretched. That is why I was looking at going full screen and having the display set to the resolution I wanted (1024x768) similar to the second picture in the attached image. Right now I'm basically (for lack of doing it in SharpDX) setting the screen res outside of directx using code and then displaying my images and then reverting back to the current screen res after my program exists. What I want to do is initialize directx to create the window in the screen res I want holding the correct aspect ratio but I'm not seeming to do that. image.bmp
  3. If someone could assist me through this I would be really grateful. I'm using SharpDX/C#/WinForms but I think this could more apply to directx in general. I'm very new to graphics programming and I'm really just trying to do something as simple as displaying a rectangle to the screen. Here is my issue: I have the below code: ---------------------------------------------------------- var desc = new SwapChainDescription() { BufferCount = 1, ModeDescription = new ModeDescription(1024, 768, new Rational(60, 1), Format.R8G8B8A8_UNorm), IsWindowed = false, OutputHandle = form.Handle, SampleDescription = new SampleDescription(1, 0), SwapEffect = SwapEffect.Discard, Usage = Usage.RenderTargetOutput }; I'm not sure if the window is loading in full screen. Actually to make it go full screen I actually have to set the forms property to: this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized; but that only seems lke Im using a C# code to maximize the form. For instance if I don't set the form to maximize, the form loads at the original size if IsWindowed is set to false. I recall with directx programing using dx7, when I set full screen you could actually see what looked like a display resolution change. I'm not seeing that. It pretty much looks like the form is loaded at the same size as the screen and not the value I provide in modeDescription. This is not what I want as well because I want to set the display to 1024x768 to avoid stretching of my graphics in wide screens. Can someone help me make sense of this please.
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